February 22, 2002

Comments on Daniel Pearl The

Comments on Daniel Pearl

The best: this moving piece by Pearl's widow, Mariane, and this WSJ editorial.

The worst: this tepid, yet inflammatory message to "the Muslim World" from Louis Farrakhan, urging, in effect, that future victims be chosen more wisely:

The Muslim World must not let its hatred of America's policies cause Muslims to do harm to American citizens traveling in Muslim countries who are unaware of foreign policy and have no part in its formulation, and more than likely would not want to benefit from these policies if they knew the pain and suffering caused to others that allows our apparent economic gain.

Charles Johnson has an interesting comment on ex-hostage Terry Anderson's statement that "there was no purpose to Pearl's death, political or otherwise:"
It had a purpose to the killers. He was chosen because he worked for a high-profile American newspaper, and because he was Jewish. They videotaped the murder for a reason, and Iím sure their fellow Islamo-creeps are already trading copies. Itís a training video. Itís a recruitment tool. Weíve discovered others like it in Afghanistanís terror camps; videos of people being shot or beheaded, their bodies desecrated. Itís inaccurate to say that the murder of Danny Pearl discredits their cause. As appalling as it may be, Iím afraid it actually advances their cause, among the dark-souled monsters lurking under the civilized worldís bed.

But his death also has a purpose for us. Itís another stark undeniable example of the utter barbarity and inhumanity of our enemies. The best tribute to Danny Pearl (and to the thousands who died on 9/11) is for the US to stay strong and committed, and to continue draining the swamp of terrorism. Because if we lose sight of the goal, theyíll be coming for us next.

Absolutely right.

Update: According to this article, Pearl's videotaped last words were "I am a Jew, and my father was a Jew."

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