February 22, 2002

Robot Mountain Ken Layne has

Robot Mountain

Ken Layne has been channelling my thoughts.

Either that or the elegantly under-employed, on the wings of desperation, tend to alight on the same weird psychic mountain from time to time. (It tends to be toward the end of the month; dinner time.)

Of course, you don't just magically get money. You need a plan. I came up with the perfect plan: First, I build a lifelike robot in the form of a Mafia hit man. Then I get a new, much bigger Life Insurance Policy. Then I have the robot shoot me. Then, I wait for some sort of Dracula to make me a vampire and I return to life and collect the big money.

You can try this, too ... but make sure the robot is a good one. A faulty robot blows the whole scheme.

As anybody who knows me is aware, I've been hatching a similar Robot Plan for some time. I just never had the guts to try it. The vampire part is new to me, however. Nice. Solves crucial logistical problems. Allows you to ditch the time machine. Hmm. Intriguing. I'm going to have to mull it over...

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