February 22, 2002

"Up until a few hours

"Up until a few hours ago, we were confident that Danny would return safely, for we believe that no human being could be capable of harming such a gentle soul."
This heartbreaking statement is from Daniel Pearl's family. This is unbelievably sad. Sometimes a simple, sincere sentence can stop you dead in your tracks. I have no words to convey the sorrow, the anger, the outrage.

They slit the poor man's throat, and video-taped the entire thing.

Savages. Monsters.

How can anyone deny that these depraved, sub-human monsters are Evil? Is that too simplistic? Pilger? Fisk? Moore? You gonna figure out a way to blame the US or the Jews? You've got some explaining to do.

For my part, I won't sleep easily till these accursed Islamo-fascist monsters are hunted down and obliterated.

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