February 21, 2002

Middle-Eastern Terrorists and the People

Middle-Eastern Terrorists and the People who Impersonate them on Message Boards

Best of the Web conceded yesterday that the message-board post by "Edward Said," (mentioned below) in which he issued the Altman-esque warning that he could not bear to live in a "terror-free" city was probably a hoax. New York is not going to be Said-free any time soon. Too bad.

Now Iain Murray points to this UPI report on an Arabic-language message board that supposedly has a post by Loony bin Laden, Mullah Omar, and two underlings. The six page message of condolence for the death of Pakistani religious scholar Shaikh Hamza Dani may or may not be a hoax. (It's pretty difficult to imagine a hoaxster with a six-page attention span-- but what do I know? These people are crazy...)

"If the condolence message was indeed sent by the four men, it could be taken as evidence that they were alive," wrote senior Pakistani journalist Rahimullah Yusufzai in Thursday edition of the News newspaper. "It would also mean that they were in contact with each other and also with those who maintain the Web site."

Thanks for breaking it down, Rahimullah, though they could have posted it from a Virgin Megastore somewhere, with no necessary Webmaster-contact, couldn't they? That's pretty much the message board concept.

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