August 18, 2004

Help me out here...

So we've been kicking around the idea of putting out a "best of Mr. T Experience" compilation some time next year.

Ideally, it should be no more than 16 tracks, and be listenable as an album, rather than an archival series of random popular tracks. Making that selection is going to be pretty difficult. I keep trying to make a list, and find I don't really know where to begin.

So I was wondering: what would you do? Leave your list in the comments, if you've got one.

(Oh yeah, and by the way: word on the street is that Lookout stuff is finally available at the iTunes store, so Zaphod, that's probably your best "Love American Style" solution. It's not on Revenge is Sweet, however.)

Posted by Dr. Frank at August 18, 2004 04:05 PM | TrackBack

I don't have your whole catalogue, but a few of my favorites are "Alternative is Here To Stay", "Semi-OK", "Big Strange Beautiful Hammer", "Dumb Little Band", and "Everybody Knows You're Crying"

I, personally, would not worry much about creating a listenable album as opposed to a bunch of popular songs. I don't even think that I know what that means.

Posted by: Ted Barlow at August 18, 2004 04:26 PM

Although it probably defeats the purpose of these types of albums (easy to put together and distribute, no need for studio time, etc..) I always thought a cool idea for a best-of album, would be to re-record the tracks you would've put on there anyway.. This gives fans of the band who already own the material incentive to buy it (other than a bonus track or something).. and exposes new fans to the songs that you deem to be your best work, and maybe makes them interested in going and getting the old stuff as well. And given the changes to MTX over the years, it would be interesting to see how the older tracks play out with the current arrangement.

Aside from that idea, I think the tracks shouldn't be in a chronologically linear format.. maybe break the album into different themed sections (infatuation, love, heartbreak, songs not about girls)

Posted by: dan at August 18, 2004 04:46 PM

Mr. Doctor Frank-

In my humble opinion, your choice of words ("best of") indicates the kind of conjecture best made by those closest to the music, which is you and the rest of the band. Therefore I think you should say "screw everyone" and put on the sixteen songs you(collectively) and you(collectively) alone always liked the most; however, if you had in mind more of a "for the fans" thing maybe you could set up some kind of poll on the MTX official site.

Just a fan's suggestion. I don't know nothing about no musical production/marketing hoo-ha.

Posted by: Kid Somnambulist at August 18, 2004 04:49 PM

Just put your most popular songs on a disc, package it nicely and be done with it. Best of CD's are like taking a dump in a public restroom, just want to get it done and get out of there without any major complications or messes.

Posted by: myke at August 18, 2004 05:13 PM

Whatever you decide, Dr. Frank, just make it a good balance of old/new, relationships/cultural commentary/self-analysis songs. Don't be afraid to put the new stuff on there.

Posted by: JB at August 18, 2004 05:17 PM

Sorry, just doesn't sound like a plan to me. I've been a fan for well over a decade now and don't think I'd care to have the MTX genres mixed. Make the kids pay for all the albums instead of giving them the easy way out.

Posted by: anna at August 18, 2004 05:23 PM

What about an MTX box set? It could have every MTX album ever put out in it, A disc w all the MTX videos on it, Interviews w all the band members past, and present.

Of course I wouldn't know how much that sort of thing would cost to produce, or how much record store owners like Gene over at Volt here would charge people to buy it, but it would be kind of cool.

Posted by: Rich at August 18, 2004 05:24 PM

OK, you all get extra credit for disputing the premise of the assigment. Thanks for the tips, and keep 'em coming.

Posted by: Dr. Frank at August 18, 2004 05:45 PM

Sorry For Freaking Out on the Phone Last Night

There you have it.

Posted by: Jonathan at August 18, 2004 05:55 PM

If you really go through with this (which I really can't come to a decision on whether it's a good idea or not, honestly) I would say throw on Together Tonight, or Itching Powder in the Sleeping Bags. And put the MTX videos on there, like enhanced cd kinda thing. Just a little bonus type deal.

The re-recording all the tracks also sounds like a grand idea, gives much more of an incentive to buy the cd (although I would probably buy it anyway. Just another sucker for anything MTX)

And I would definately agree with that box set idea, heh.

Posted by: Jody at August 18, 2004 06:14 PM

I personally would never buy a "brst-of" CD because I already have all the MTX, Dr. Frank and Bombassetts CDs, but I would however release a CD of never before heard B-sides or out-of-print stuff, like the Ramones tribute EP/album.

BTW...Thanks for the I-tunes info Frank, I'll be grabbing the song for $0.99 tonight so that my collection will once again be complete. Yipppeee!! oh bad, I don't know what I was thinking, my copy of Milk Milk Lemonade is fine, it was Another Yesterday that was messed up, but oh well...It's download time!!!

Posted by: Zaphod Beeblebrox at August 18, 2004 06:29 PM

I have an idea which would be to have an album cover that is a parody of a famous "greatest hits" album cover by some other band. Like the eagles, or elton john, or the who or something like that.

Posted by: captin crunchy at August 18, 2004 07:15 PM

I think a good title/first track would be "What is Punk?" It's an appropriate statement given the different styles the music has represented over the years and how I'd interpret MTX's stance on labels, in general. It fits chronologically, as well.

(Even though you laughed when I requested it at NorthSix in Feb.)

Posted by: Hakker at August 18, 2004 07:31 PM

I went to check out that i-tunes store thing and ended up downloading a couple tracks off the Shame EP. The album recommendations based on my purchase had me laughing. Here they are...
"Set Your Wedding To Music"
"Chick Flix"
"The ESSENTIAL Wedding Collection"
"American Idiot"

Posted by: Michael Lee at August 18, 2004 07:55 PM

hmmm, an mtx "best of" album. there would be so many that i would want included that it's nearly impossible to whittle them all down to 16 tracks. i have a better idea.. spend the next year or so designing, developing and engineering a time machine (flux compacitor optional), send it out my way - remove the sensitive portion of my brain where i now store all of my mtx related thoughts and memories - then send me back in time and let me follow the great mtx from thier humble beginnings through the present (listening to each ulbum again for the FIRST TIME!)

now if this is too much for you, then all i ask is that you include "i don't need you now".



Posted by: pghpunk at August 18, 2004 08:56 PM

I wholeheartedly endorse the enhanced CD with as many videos as the MTX made - I have yet to see any of these, though I've been a fan since 96 or so.

I also think that the better, "best of" comps are either:

1. Made up of the current live set list


2. As chosen by the band with liner notes explaining the songs (i.e. "Big Black Bugs" and the "...women who love" them re-release) to those of us who can't figure out what the songs are about.

I also like the idea from above where the current lineup would re-record the most popular songs from the MTX catalogue.

Posted by: Bryan at August 18, 2004 08:58 PM

I'd probably go with the re-recording idea. I would consider delving into the shallow
clutches of my wallet for that. Otherwise I can only suggest what I wouldn't want.

I'm sorry Frank but even though I'm probably reading too much into it I've always had a beef with My Looks And Your Brains.

I mean if the girl really loved him so much she would make him feel like he was Johnny Depp(or whomever you prefer). Likewise if he cared that
much for her he would try to make her feel smarter
and help her to be that way.

Not this its just they way we are,good thing it works so well stuff.

I don't know...its just my peeve more n likely.

Posted by: JUST ME at August 18, 2004 09:58 PM

Well, I figure I've got as good a reason as anybody to weigh in on this! Without any thought towards making a comprehensive career overview, these are some of the songs I think you should be proudest of. I notice that this list omits a lot of your earlier, funny work ... maybe that's just where my head's at ... but for me all of these songs stand up. Anyway, here's my take:
1) Swallow Everything
2) I Fell For You
3) Leave the Thinking to the Smart People
4) Ba Ba
5) Hey Emily
6) Another Yesterday
7) I Believe in You
8) Fucked Up On Life
9) Book of Revelation
10) Perhaps
11) Dumb Little Band
12) Now That You Are Gone
13) Here She Comes
14) Last Time I Listened To You
15) Naomi
16) Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend

Posted by: Joel at August 18, 2004 10:11 PM

Album title : My stupid life

Album cover pic: Dr. Frank in a leather armchair with a pipe and a sweater with cravat, looking thoughtfully at the camera, while holding a book (King dork?)

at the bottom:
by The Mr. T Experience.

Posted by: captin crunchy at August 18, 2004 10:19 PM

Here are some songs I wouldn't let out: you today, big strange beautiful hammer, I don't need you now, thank you for not being one of them, institutionalized misogyny, king dork, hell of dumb... these are just a few that came to my mind, of course... there are many more that would deserve to be labeled as "best"...
well, good luck with your choice, man, I'm sure it's really tough.

Posted by: marta (yeah, beppe's friend) at August 18, 2004 10:36 PM

is "let out" even the right verb?, well, I would include those... damn the English language!

Posted by: still marta at August 18, 2004 10:40 PM

Here's my two cents, my good Dr. :

I dont think you could sum up the Mr T Experience in 16 songs. You've grown as a band too much.

Make it a two disc set. Make disc 1 From 'Everyones Entitled' thru 'Our Bodies Our Selves'.
Make Disc 2: 'Love is Dead' thru 'Yesterday Rules'.

Pick two or three songs off each album and play chronologically. Throw in a couple songs from EPs. Since it's a best of MTX, pick songs that make use of the band's talents not just your talents. So dont iclude solo acoustic songs.
Covers prolly woulnd't be in the spirit of thing either.

If it does well, sales wise, then you maybe could do a one disc cd, to go with the two disc set, highlighting only your solo stuff that was recorded on other MTX albums, or songs that youve turned into solo acoustic songs. That will give all the 'Hitler' lovers something to buy.

As for cover art... you could do a spoof on the famous Days of Future Past, Xmen comic cover. With members of the band on the wanted poster and you as Wolverine.

Thats just my opinion.

Posted by: pjdangerous at August 18, 2004 10:59 PM

Captain Crunchy --that's downright brilliant! New CD, old tunes, funny cover adn shameless plug on new book. Are you in Marketing?

Just me--that's so sweet and sensative, I think I may just...sniff...sniff....

As I said before, I'd love to get a hold of the stuff that I can't get any more, so the rares and b-sides are for me! Anybody else agree?

Posted by: Zaphod Beeblebrox at August 18, 2004 11:04 PM

Hey Marta! What's wrong with "Thank You for Not Being One of Them"

"Hey faggot faggot cry baby cry. I hate them all and I want them to die. She whispers to me the sweetest ways we can murder them by. And when they've been doing it again, I want to thank you for never joining in. Thank you for not being one of them"


King Dork rules does most other stuff by Frank and Co.!

Posted by: Zaphod at August 18, 2004 11:08 PM

Joel is right on about putting "I believe in you" on there! It's probably my favorite Mr. T song, which is weird because it's probably the most serious song in the MTX repertoire (possibly barring "Deep Deep Down").

Posted by: i believe in websites at August 18, 2004 11:37 PM

thanks, zaph. no i'm not in marketing but perhaps i should be. actually i'm just a guy with aloooot of time on his hands.. ha. glad u liked the idea.

Posted by: captin crunchy at August 19, 2004 12:07 AM

Make it a "best of", but LIVE! And add a DVD of live footage of all the songs that are on the album. That's three birds with one stone at last count.

Posted by: Mike H at August 19, 2004 01:37 AM

On the Team
Last Time I Listened To You
Swallow Everything
She's No Rocket Scientist
Ready Set Go
Somebody Who Cares
I Believe In You
Checkers Speech
We Hate All the Same Things
I Was Losing You All Along
Deep Deep Down
You You You
Spy Vs. Spy
Two of Us
Tomorrow is a Harsh Mistress
Fucked Up On Life

Posted by: Godzilla at August 19, 2004 04:34 AM

Hey zaphod... sorry about my english, I really meant those are songs I would definitely not "leave" out, I would totally include them in the "best of". I totally agree with you, it's just a linguistic problem we are facing here. thanks for defending those songs, though, I appreciate that, 'cause they are definetely worth it. next time I'll use a translator, I promise.

Posted by: marta at August 19, 2004 09:01 AM

You gotta put We'll Get By and Take All the Time You Need...Those are really my only two special requests. But, of course, I'll like whatever you decide on.

Posted by: Amy 80 at August 19, 2004 11:21 AM

It's got to have at least 2 unreleased tracks on it ! it's just gotta ! (but 1 would do).

Posted by: STUART TODD at August 19, 2004 01:19 PM

although it would never happen, i love the idea of re-recording the "best of" songs. i'm guessing that would cost too much compared to rereleasing already recorded material. however, if somehow you got a budget to work with, i think it would be interesting to rerecord songs you always thought could have worked in another fashion. i'm sure there have been songs you've recorded that you wish you could have done more with to make them even better. or taking a full out band song and stripping it down to a solo-esque sound.

with that being said, i also think it should be an enhanced cd. maybe with a few video comments behind the songs.

i'd personally rather have a bunch of rare/"lost" tracks, but that's just me.

Posted by: tim at August 19, 2004 02:10 PM

The Dwarves did a "best of" album the re-recorded way. It comes off sounding like an actual album, although many of the new recordings of the older tracks don't have the original magic. That's the only band I'm familiar with that's done that, but I think it's kind of a cool idea.

I don't think you could have a best of MTX album without "Swallow Everything" and "Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend." Actually, I kind of think of "Our Bodies Ourselves" as a best of album.

so, how far back in time are you thinking of going with this thing, Frank? Some of the oldest material would sound really, really out of place with the new stuff, and out of sixteen tracks, I can't really see burning many (if any) of them on anything before "Milk, Milk, Lemonade," just because the new material is so much stronger.

Posted by: Chris Fabulous at August 19, 2004 02:34 PM

compile by plebiscite!
8 tracks by critics.
8 tracks by fans.
8 tracks by band.
= 24 tracks - (3 expected overlap x 3 voting groups)
= ~ 15 tracks

the "best of wire" compilation was
critics-only choice and it was pretty awful!
tripartite government is the only solution!

Posted by: wire_no1_fan at August 19, 2004 07:01 PM

I can't think of a list right now (maybe I'll post my suggestions later) and I don't have all the releases yet but it should have some bonus stuff except for the usual best-of. Maybe a bonus dvd with all videos and live stuff from all MTX periods and a thick booklet with band history/discography, flyers etc. I agree with the idea that the tracks shouldnt be in chronological but topical order.

Posted by: Ben at August 19, 2004 08:27 PM

I for one would be first in line for a re-recorded MTX album. If there are any ideas of putting new twists on old songs, I’m sure people would love to hear them. I've tried making a great MTX mix for friends before and it is quite a task to represent all parts evenly (from the absurd, to the ironic, and sweet to bitter). In the end I’m reduced to just the "nostalgic pop" or "songs about girls" etc... side of the band.
And as far as "best" is concerned, pre Milk Milk stuff never makes the cut. I think the only way to bring those back is with a total makeover.

Posted by: Michael Lee at August 19, 2004 09:54 PM

why isn't anyone saying velveeta?


Posted by: r a e d y at August 19, 2004 11:08 PM

I think an acoustic album of MTX songs might be kind of cool. Even though the 'unplugged' thing is pretty played. I don't really see a point in re-recording old songs in the same format as the originals. (i.e. electric rock band). They would just end up trying to match the original versions, that people have already grown attached to. So i say a regular best of CD is best.

Posted by: myke at August 19, 2004 11:16 PM

Here's what I think would be cool. If you made a greatest hits album comprised of all your songs in which you compare girls to things. Of all the various song formats you use, I think that's the best and often results in some of your most clever and amusing lyrics. You could have "Velveeta", "Parasite", "More Than Toast", "The Weather Is Here, Wish You Were Beautiful", "Swiss Army Girlfriend", "She's My Alcatraz", "You're Impossible Baby", "She's Not A Flower", "Shining", and then to top it off, write a new song in which you compare a girl to a great hits album.

Posted by: Ron at August 19, 2004 11:26 PM

Let me be the second to say Velveeta. Although, r a e d y, the guys from Concord beat both of us to the punch.

My question, Frank, has to do with the intended audience of the album. Is this for MTX fanatics like us to hear outtakes, unreleased versions of songs, KISS covers you recorded live in 1988? Or is it a way to introduce the band to people who have never heard/heard of MTX? I pretty much already have all my MTX favs on cd (except for your cover of "Big Sky", but I gather that that might be lost to the mists of time anyway...), so the stuff I'd be most interested in hearing wouldn't be the foundation of the MTX oeuvre (did you know you have an oeuvre?), if you know what I mean.

The best model I can think of is The Kink Chronicles, but that succeeds because of the huge number of great songs the Kinks never released or put out on B sides of unsuccessful singles from 1966 to 1970 or so. But it seems to me that "...And the Women" and "Big Black Bugs" (one of my favorite CDs, BTW) worked through a lot of that kind of thing.

So, can you elaborate on the intended purpose and audience for the greatest hits project?

Posted by: Nick at August 20, 2004 03:00 AM

''The Complicated History of The Concept Of the Soul'', an MTX Greatest hits album wouldn't be complete without it.

Thanx for let me share my opinion Dr. Frank.

Posted by: Frol at August 20, 2004 05:35 AM

i don't think the best of is for most of us here. i imagine it's to introduce mtx to people who aren't very familiar with the band's catalogue. i also suspect that the point of lookout putting together an mtx best of (which is not to say that mtx doesn't deserve a retrospective) is to make some money and stir up interest in the mtx back catalogue without putting too much money in it, so rerecording the songs with the current lineup is probably out of the question.

as for advice frank, i'm thinking back to the very redundant third cure best of record that came out two or three years ago with the second disc of acoustic versions. i didn't buy it, but i was thinking long and hard about it. maybe you could include a second disc of quickly and cheaply recorded acoustic solo versions or, a two-disc set perhaps being too daunting for mtx uninitiates and it being crappy for the fans to have to buy stuff they already have for the bonus disc, simultaneously release the best of and a separate collection of acoustic versions for longtime fans. i'd totally be into that.

i couldn't begin to make a list and cut it down to sixteen, but it might be fitting to include one or all of "at gilman street," "god bless lawrence livermore," and "dumb little band."

Posted by: r.mutt at August 20, 2004 09:41 AM

I'm trying my best to stick to the assignment, so here's a list, although it's more than 16:

history of the concept of the soul
love american style
i love you but you're standing on my foot
dustbin of history
even hitler had a girlfriend
more than toast
swallow everything
thank you for not being one of them
deep deep down
the weather is here...
who needs happiness i'd rather have you
she's my alcatraz
spy vs spy
i believe in you
sackcloth and ashes (the demo version)
boyfriend box

Posted by: shell at August 20, 2004 01:35 PM

Put every single MTX song on the Compilation not just 16

Posted by: Yup at August 20, 2004 03:32 PM

Um, Frank is not too pleased with the management at Gilman Street. I think that he may change the name to Fuck Gilman Street if it were included on the album.

Posted by: Francis Stalker at August 20, 2004 03:59 PM

I think it's a pretty cool idea - I can't even BEGIN to thin which 16 songs out ALL of them I'd choose - aside from the obvious motion to make it a fairly rounded out mix. But, just use the original versions of the songs, not rerecorded songs with the new lineup - granted, I DID actually like it when the Groovie Ghoulies did it, but alot of other times it just doesn't work as well.

That, and MTX should go on an extensive tour, specifically play Maxwell's, so I can go!

Posted by: Little Joe at August 20, 2004 04:47 PM

"MY STUPID LIFE"-- great song! why has no one else put that on their list?


thank you.

Posted by: todd gack at August 20, 2004 06:35 PM

Book of Revelations
Velveeta/Comprehensive History

I love those! Dumb little band would be a great track 1 intro for the uninitiated. But I think BaBaBa and Fell for You and I Will Be With You are shoe ins because they're the ones Lookout! bought videos for and so seem the most set up as "singles".

PLEASE don't overlook Alcatraz. I Wrote A Book About Rock N Roll, Naomi and Alcatraz are all prime for new listeners.

That's just me.

Posted by: Jonathan London at August 20, 2004 11:48 PM

01. Alcatraz
02. Alternative Is here To Stay
03. I Believe In You
04. Love Manifesto
05. Love American Style
06. Danny Partridge
07. Book Of Revelation
08. London
09. We're Not No One
10. I'm Like Yeah, But She's All No
11. Another Yesterday
12. She's Coming Over Tonight
13. She's Not A Flower
14. More Than Toast
15. God Bless America
16. Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend

Rock it Frank!

Posted by: Alex Caprio at August 21, 2004 01:06 AM

how 'bout the T-Shirt Commercial as a
secret hidden bonus track?

Posted by: just me at August 21, 2004 02:40 AM

"More Than Toast" is one of my all-time favorite songs. That's my vote.

Posted by: Holly Q at August 21, 2004 03:11 AM

Here's mine-- my CD-length one ("Dumb Little Band: The (Dum)Best of the Mr. T Experience") is 26 tracks, but I'll try to trim it down...

1. I Love You, But You're Standing on My Foot
2. Perhaps
3. Last Time I Listened to You
4. Fucked Up On Life
5. Gilman Street [the NSATTF bonus track version]
6. Hey Emily
7. Swallow Everything
8. Hell of Dumb
9. I Believe in You
10. Thank You (For Not Being One of Them)
11. Book of Revelation [but please, please, remix this -- or better yet use a live version from the last tour]
12. Everybody Knows You're Crying
13. So Long, Sucker
14. We Are the Future People of Tomorrow
15. More Than Toast
16. I Just Wanna Do It With You
and the obligatory
16 1/2. God Bless America


Posted by: Wes at August 21, 2004 08:28 AM

BTW, didn't you already kinda do this with the "Songs About Girls [...]" Japan CD?

Posted by: Wes at August 21, 2004 08:30 AM

1.Alternative is here to stay
2 another yesterday
3 everybody knows you're crying
4 crash
5 london
6 deep deep down
7 dumb little band
8 ba ba ba baba
9 concept of the soul (need more historical songs)
10 I'm like yeah but she's all no
11 love is dead
12 more than toast
13 Sackcloth (from ...and the women...)
14 Semi-ok
15 Swallow everything
16 thank you for not being one of them
17 The weather is here
18 You're the only one
19 Coffee, tea, or me.
a spattering of un-released stuff to get those with all the albums.
Concept of the soul if there's space.

Posted by: Mike at August 21, 2004 03:29 PM

as long as "book of revelations" is on there,you'll forever remain in my good graces.

why don't we just cobble up some bands to do their own interpretations of MTX songs? kinda like what the ramones did a few years back, but there will actually be good bands on the MTX band gets first dibs on "book of revelations"....

Posted by: resident jason at August 21, 2004 04:09 PM

those tribute album things always suck.(where they have other bands play songs) the one good one was the germs album.

Posted by: myke at August 21, 2004 08:03 PM

I always thought MTX's version of Road to Ruin was pretty good.

Posted by: Lynn at August 22, 2004 12:39 AM

Yeah but that's different: one band, one album. I meant more of stuff like "a tribute to the clash" where you have maybe 2 or 3 good versions and the rest mediocre. The carpenters tribute was pretty good though.

Posted by: myke at August 22, 2004 01:38 AM

Okay, I also don't like the idea, but will stick to the assignment at hand.

1) Danny Partridge Got Busted
2) Don't Know What I'll Do
3) The History of the Concept of the Soul
4) Dictionary Girl
5) Pig Latin
6) Book of Revelation
7) Love Manifesto
8) More Than Toast
9) I Believe in You
10) New Girlfriend
11) Sackcloth and Ashes
12) Here She Comes
13) Lawnmower of Love
14) She My Baby
15) She's Not a Flower
16) Fucked Up on Life

Posted by: justin banal at August 22, 2004 02:22 AM

i think for the cover you could do a take off of the loverboy album with the guy in the red leather ass pants crossing his fingers, except have it be some old mans golf pants and a middle finger.

Posted by: captin crunch at August 22, 2004 04:59 AM

i say that it is packaged up all nice and shiny like your stereotypical "best of" cd. on the back, all the commonly known, popular mtx songs are listed. examples: and i will be with you, ba, and so on.. however, the cd actually has none of these songs on them. instead it is a modgepodge, super-sonic assault of unreleased, untitled and unknown mtx treasures. no labels, no explanations, just new, exciting anythings from the guys. it would be like a new album in disguise. it would create chaos and rumors, just kick up a stir! i can't think of one mtx fan that would be dissapointed by this great caper. and non mtx fans wouldnt even realize that the songs don't match the, everyones happy. there you go dr. put out a brand new album ingognito. a shining new gem hiding under a shiny veil of best hits. what a sham, what a great thing it would be.


Posted by: luke black at August 22, 2004 06:13 AM

what a sham, what a great thing it would be.

--i have to say thats one cool fucking sentence,luke

Posted by: captin crunchy at August 22, 2004 07:14 AM

01) I Believe in You
02) King Dork
03) ...And I Will Be With You
04) Sackcloth and Ashes
05) I Fell For You
06) Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend
07) All My Promises
08) Now That You Are Gone
09) Our Days Are Numbered
10) Deep Deep Down
11) She's Coming (Over Tonight)
12) We'll Get By
13) Swallow Everything
14) Naomi
15) Semi-OK
16) You're the Only One

IMHO, greatest hits albums are boring. Give the listeners what they want: Take your greatest tunez and rewrite the lyrics to all of them, so it kinda makes the songs "new" to the listener. For example, Nirvana took the song 'Stay Away', and rewrote it as 'Pay to Play' exclusively for a compilation.

'...And I Will Eat Your Shoe'
Japanese: 'Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra'
'Sackcloth and Assholes'

Posted by: Stove at August 22, 2004 08:57 PM

But with your sack full of assholes,
They're never gonna let you in.

Posted by: Wes at August 23, 2004 03:51 AM

i sort of agree with luke, above--but i don't agree with using old song titles on the track listings. it's a little...gimmicky.

every time you go into the studio, there are songs that are recorded that don't end up on the album, right? and only some of them live on as singles, but the rest are shelved, so to speak? i think this "undiscovered country" should be the juicy meat of your next enterprise.

just my two cents. you genius, you.

Posted by: nixie rose at August 23, 2004 06:10 AM

I support pjdangerous' idea about making a 2-disc set with songs from "everybody's entitled..." - "our bodies..." on the first disc, and songs from "love is dead" - "yesterday rules" on the second disc.

It's impossible to select 16 songs. Personaly, I couldn't live without Love Is Dead, Revenge Is Sweet, Alcatraz and Yesterday Rules. They've all been the soundtrack of my life the last years, and every song bring different feelings and emotions.

I've got this idea, that instead of making a best of album; what about making a CD with songs of the bands that they are inspired by? A musical journey through Dr.Franks life. The CD would start of with the music he listened most to in the early days, and it would end with what he's most into theese days.

It would be like putting all the music Dr.Frank likes into a food processor. The result is the MTX we all love so much.

Posted by: Are at August 23, 2004 01:33 PM

Okay, now that I've bucked the assignment, I'll weigh in with my list. There's 1 song from each album (not in order) on the list and some of the outstanding others to round out the list (they're all outstanding so it was hard to pick just a few).

2.So Long Sucker
3.Master of the Situation
4.Swallow Everything
6.Another Yeterday
7.Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba (only because it's a must (:rolleyes:))
8.I Believe in You
10.Song About A Girl
11.Leave the Thinking to the Smart People
13.Even Hitler Had A Girlfriend
14.King Dork (Book tie-in)
15.Sackcloth and Ashes
16.Book of Revelations

Posted by: Zaphod Beeblebrox at August 23, 2004 06:34 PM

Hey stove,
actually "pay to play" was the original version. they rewrote the words as "stay away" for nevermind. "pay to play" came out on a DGC compilation after the band broke up. not sure why they changed it because i thought the original was pretty cool. but i'm sure no MTX hipsters are still reading this ;)

Posted by: captin crunchy at August 23, 2004 06:59 PM

Please call the record "Dumb Little Band."
16 tracks would be really tought to pick, I think Joel's came closest to what I'd pick

Posted by: Rich Co at August 24, 2004 12:45 AM

I couldn't possibly narrow it down to a list of 16, but I quickly scanned through the other responses, and the fact that no one put my favorite MTX song,


makes me sad. That needs to be there!

Posted by: mike at August 24, 2004 01:56 AM

how about calling it "record company strongly suggested we put out a best of album so here it is"

Posted by: captin crunchy at August 24, 2004 03:18 AM

Hey Frank, put "I'd do anything for you" in your "Greatest Hits" cd, please!

Posted by: Beppe at August 24, 2004 11:24 AM

HA HA HA HA. We think alike Cap n' Cruchy. I was just saying the same thing (before reading your post) to the blogger known as "Just Me".

Posted by: Zaphod at August 24, 2004 06:53 PM

greatly compromised minds think alike!

Posted by: captin crunchy at August 24, 2004 07:39 PM

I would say you should really include songs like Love is Dead, Alternative is Here To Stay, Dumb Little Band, and Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend, as they capture the spirit of what MTX was and is really like...

Posted by: Niels at August 25, 2004 12:37 PM

I dunno, i still gotta go with "my stupid life".. great song, great title, sums up a lot. .. or maybe i just identify with it too much

Posted by: myke at August 25, 2004 06:50 PM

A retrospective DVD could also be an interesting alternative. "Dumb Little Band" could be a good title for it.

Posted by: sam at August 25, 2004 07:10 PM

I have all my MTX cd's ripped to my mp3 player. I usually listen to MTX on "random" so I've always got my own genre-mixing compliation going on. I think I'm starting to forget what songs are on what albums now!
Anyway, some of my very faves would be: Sackcloth & Ashes, Alternative Is Here to Stay, Love is Dead and We Hate All the Same Things.

Posted by: megapopstar at August 26, 2004 11:28 AM

Man, I don't read this stuff enough!!!'s my list..heh heh heh....

1.Even Hitler Had A Girlfriend
2.Thank You For Not Being One Of Them
3.Deep Deep Down
4.Merry Fucking Christmas
5.The End of the Ramones
6.Slag Bag
7.Mary Mary
10.My Looks and Your Brains
11.Leave the Thinking to the Smart People
12.New Girlfriend
13.Institutionalized Misogyny
14.Suicide Watch
15.Dick With Ears
16.Last Time I Listened to You

*BONUS track* God Bless Lawrence Livermore

I haven't been around Lookout in a while, but I think the world needs a less kind and gentle MTX. You could perhaps call the album Dr. Frank and His Evil Robot Monkeys?

Posted by: FAT Mike at August 26, 2004 04:37 PM

I would include the live version of the Complicated History of the Concept of the Soul NMW.


Posted by: mike at August 26, 2004 09:50 PM

Um...I agree with Rich Co: Dumb Little Band would be an awesome title for this thing...but I think that a boxed set would be great too.

Some of my favorite MTX songs in no particular order are:

*Let's Be Together Tonight
*Merry Fucking Christmas
*Hello Kitty Menendez (how could no one else love this one! Isn't that why we all watch that crap on tv? To feel better about ourselves...)
*Dumb Little Band
*Thank You (for not being one of them)
*I Fell For You
*Swallow Everything
*So Long, sucker
*Let's Be Together Tonight
*More Than Toast
*Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba
*I Just Wanna Do It With You
*We Are The Future People Of Tomorrow
*I Will Be With You

Well that's sixteen so I'd better stop...

Posted by: Rude Girl Terry at August 27, 2004 04:06 AM

oh man. I can't count.

Posted by: Rude Girl Terry at August 27, 2004 04:06 AM

"The Worst of the MTX Starship," with the horrible braided-gold looking border and sorta-Olde English Fonte on a black background. some a you people may know vaguely what i mean...

Posted by: c. at August 27, 2004 02:31 PM

I know I posted this days ago, but since it is so brilliant, I must post it again:

Album title : My stupid life

Album cover pic: Dr. Frank in a leather armchair with a pipe and a sweater with cravat, looking thoughtfully at the camera, while holding a book (King dork?)

at the bottom:
by The Mr. T Experience.

Thank you.

Posted by: captin crunchy at August 27, 2004 04:34 PM

Crunchy, I've said it before and I'll say it again. Brilliant. Simply brilliant.

Posted by: Zaphod at August 27, 2004 06:47 PM

1. And I will be with you
2. Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba
3. Fucked up on life
4. Gilman Street
5. Here She Comes
6. Hey Emily
7. Hitler
8. I Love You But Your Standing on My Foot
9. King Dork
10. More Than Toast
11. Mr. Ramones
12. Naomi
13. New Girlfriend
14. So Long Sucker
15. Swallow Everything
16. Tapin’ Up My Heart
17. We Hate All the Same Things
18. You’re the Only One

This reminds me of Dr. Frank’s line – “God said to Abraham, kill me a song.” It took forever to pare my list down to 20. I just couldn’t bring myself to cut anymore. I’m a failure. The assignment seemed so easy and I couldn’t do it.

How about an MTX on 45 extended dance mix medley of hits? That would be fun. Or a stab at Balloon Man as a bonus track?

Posted by: j francis at August 27, 2004 10:17 PM

What I would probably do is pick songs exclusively from the first say 5 or 6 MTX albums. The albums put out after that (say the last 5 or 6) have been so solid that it seems silly to try to find stand-out tracks for a collection, particularly since there would be so much disagreement about which ones stand out. These collections don't work so well when a band puts out album after album where every song is wonderful. They encourage fans to waste their money on songs they already have.

Posted by: Jonas at August 29, 2004 11:41 PM

why hello there,
first.. i don't know why it took me this long to get around to this but thank you soooooooo much for getting my into that show you played back in may (i think it was) at the livingroom. i would've died if i couldn't get in because i was a year too young. thank you thank you :)

also i've added yet another piece to the mtx puzzle.. or tattoo actually, that is most of my right arm. can't wait to show you next time you play new york. if i get around to it, i'll take some pics and send them your way. it's becoming quite the interesting and unique piece of body art. people actually stop me to ask what it's about... my reply.. "only my favoritest band ever!" hahaha.

and my band... (the WHOA-babies!) has a totally new lineup we ditched the old boys for new ones and will be recording another cd really soon. of course i when the time comes i will ask for your opinion on things. i look forward to hearing what you have to say.

ok as for this whole best of idea. i think you should most definitely go with your personal favorites.. it'll be more special.. and i know i personally would appreciate something like that more if it was a collection of the songs you like most or mean most to you. you know what i mean? i'd totally love that.

but if you go with what the fans say, this would be my track listing:

1- last time i listened to you
2- even hitler had a girlfriend
3- you today
4- thank you (for not being one of them)
5- we're not no one
6- with my looks and your brains
7- the boyfriend box
8- will you still love me when i don't love you
9- london
10- i fell for you
11- we are the future people of tomorrow
12- you alone
13- you're the only one
14- parasite
15- another yesterday
16- i feel for you

i think that's a pretty good mix of really good tunes. though you know i totaly adore you and everything you do :)

take care.
til next time,

Posted by: *Barbie* at August 30, 2004 09:52 AM

this is my list in random order ....yay!

I picked them out of my very own favourites but choosing the songs that aren't too complex and can stand out alone (so that someone hearing them for the first time will understand what mtx is about?)
... the problem is making a best of that will excite newcomers and mature mtx fans alike, so here are the songs I find most powerful after years of listening, and express a variety of moods:

1. swissarmy girlfriend
2.who needs happiness, i'd rather have you
3.i'd do anything for you're the only one
5.more than toast manifesto
7.somebody who cares american style
9. and i will be with you
10. velveeta
11.take all the time you need
12. king dork ramones
14.she's my alcatraz
15.hey emily
16 elizabeth or fight

Posted by: sara at August 30, 2004 12:34 PM

As I'm sure you want to hear yet another dipshits suggestion....If you insist on releasing a "best of", don't just put out that single 16 song MTX retrospective. Put out a double album with a lower price point (not unlike Screeching Weasel did with "Thank You...", or ALL did with "Live....Plus one"). One of the discs can be the 16 (or however many) song best of. The other disc can be, well, it can be whatever you want. A whole disc of demos? A whole disc of new material? Live stuff? etc., etc. My point is, a lot of your "fans" will probably already have a good chunk of whatever you put on the best of. Don't fuck them by repackaging the same tunes again. My only other request is that if you DO decide to put out a single best of package and you choose to include one or two new songs or rarities, make the new ones somewhat available (7 incher, download, etc.) off the record, so everyone that has been buying your records for years doesn't have to shell out 12-18 dollars for 2 new tunes. All the best....

Posted by: Slappin Grama at September 1, 2004 09:48 PM

Slappin Grama,

It would be quite unlike "Thank You..." and "Live...Plus One." Neither of these was a "greatest hits," although you could argue that live sets are quite similar to "greatest hits" collections. The thing is, All actually put out a "greatest hits" collection, unfortunately self-titled. It was quite excellent, because it really did pull out wonderful songs from 6 albums, an ep and a 7-inch and the latter were mostly of mixed overall quality. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to check out All.
Nobody gets f**ked because an album comes out; you don't have to buy it. But if I wanted to turn someone on to the MTX, I wouldn't recommend a collection album; I would recommend "Yesterday Rules," or "Alcatraz," or "Revenge is Sweet...," or ... you get the idea. Most of their albums are already filled with song after song that I can't get enough of. Retracting my earlier post, I recommend that they do whatever will sell them the most cd's, especially from new listeners. That is the point, afterall.


Posted by: Jonas at September 11, 2004 09:48 PM
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