August 06, 2002

A good sub-plot for the

A good sub-plot for the next Toy Story?

I'm still not convinced it isn't a hoax, but according to this story, security screeners at LAX found a GI Joe in a British grandmother's luggage, searched the toy soldier, and confiscated his tiny plastic rifle.

“They examined the toy as if it was going to shoot them," said the passenger, one Judy Powell. “Then they asked me if there were toy grenades as well. I thought they were joking, but they weren’t smiling — they were deadly serious.” Mrs. Powell took it in stride, however, expressing gratitude that they didn't subject her Beanie Babies to "body searches."

Note to Mrs. Potato Head: if Mr. Potato Head is travelling by air via LAX, better not pack his "angry eyes."

Could the people in charge of our airport security actually be this stupid? Don't answer that...

(via Bill, Kim, Combustible, and others.)

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