August 02, 2002

Sickos The mind-numbing parade of


The mind-numbing parade of depravity of the Palestinian terrorist organizers and their willing executioners continues apace. I usually find that, try as I might, I have no comment on this or that latest outrageous photo, interview, sermon or mission, beyond the oft-repeated, superfluous question "what the hell is wrong with these people?" What can you say? I've run out of appropriate expressions of despair and condemnation, and often can't even bring myself to link to the stories (which is okay-- Charles Johnson always has it covered anyway.)

For some reason, however, this story (via LGF) of a young woman's Islamic Jihad-approved plan to detonate herself while holding a baby as part of her "disguise" stands out among the rest:

She allegedly approached a senior member of the Islamic Jihad in the West Bank and offered to be a suicide bomber, saying it was a woman's right to have the privilege of perpetrating such an act.

Damaj was contacted two weeks later and was reportedly informed that she would be given the opportunity to carry out an attack holding a baby as a disguise. In the event, the attack was not perpetrated.

She was later offered another mission. She prepared a letter for her family and was later filmed holding a rifle and a copy of the Koran. A week before the planned attack, however, she surrendered, saying that one of the reasons was concern that her family's home might be demolished.

I've always found Israel's house demolition policy to be extremely questionable, even abhorrent, and of dubious value as a deterrent. But here at least, it appears to have done some good. I realize that that's the deliberate spin the article puts on the story, and the impression that the IDF wants to convey-- call me naive, but I guess it worked on me. There are certainly far worse crimes on the front page which are more worthy of comment, no doubt, than an insane plan that was never carried out. But there's something about the image of a young mother, bent on mass murder and eager to blow her own child to bits in the process, that I can't get out of my head.

I still have no comment beyond the oft-repeated superfluous question. Sickos.

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