November 26, 2002

Honky Tonk Wyman

It turns out that Bill Wyman, the music critic, received a cease and desist letter from attorneys representing Bill Wyman, former bassist for the Rolling Stones, demanding that he stop using the name Bill Wyman:

Journalist Bill Wyman was asked to cease and desist being Bill Wyman, "if indeed, (his) given legal name is Bill Wyman (a fact which we would insist be reasonably demonstrated to us)," according to the letter the paper received from attorney Howard Siegel of New York.

If journalist Bill Wyman turned out to truly be Wymanian, then Siegel asked that a "prominent disclaimer" accompany every mention of his very Wymanness.

Journalist Wyman suggested one: "Not That Bill Wyman."

Of course, Bill Wyman is not Bill Wyman's real name, but rather his stage name. (You can tell which Bill Wyman I'm referring to because the other Bill Wyman would not have needed a stage name.) That Bill Wyman's real name is Bill Perks. The other Bill Wyman's real name is Bill Wyman.

I can't tell from this article exactly how it all got resolved, but apparently Bill Wyman ended up deciding to let Bill Wyman continue to call himself Bill Wyman.

I knew a guy in school whose name was John Lemmon.

(via Boing Boing)

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