November 26, 2002

MEMRI Motel For what it's


For what it's worth, MEMRI has posted a summary of the contents of an interview with an "unidentified Iraqi official" from a London-based Arabic language daily newspaper. The u.I.o. boasts of previous occasions where Iraq "did not hesitate" to use weapons of mass destruction, and hints that this time won't be any different.

Then he added "oops, I mean, um, actually, let me rephrase that-- we haven't got any weapons of mass destruction this time. Heh heh heh..."

(I made that last part up.)

Also, according to this Weekly Standard blurb, MEMRI's Yigal Carmon says of the pseudo-Osama letter: "this is obviously a propaganda co-production of Suleiman Abu Geith... and Omar Bakri."

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