February 10, 2003

David Warren has this interesting

David Warren has this interesting behind-the-scenes account of the recent NATO-rattling Weasels vs. Turks grudge match:

behind closed doors, according to several diplomats who were present, a remarkable debate took place, in which not the Americans but the other European delegates made the most impassioned remarks. They spelled out the consequences to NATO of the French, German, and Belgian filibuster, which a Polish delegate labelled as "a poorly-timed publicity stunt".

Several did not stop at the question of honour -- explicitly reminding the French, Germans, and Belgians that in their desire to spite the U.S., they are forgetting that they owe their very liberty, both from Nazi occupation and the Cold War threat of Soviet aggression, to America.

Yet even after this was said to them, off the record -- by their fellow Europeans -- the French, Germans, and Belgians persisted, with the specious argument that granting any kind of help to Turkey -- no matter how purely humanitarian or how urgent -- would "give the appearance" of endorsing U.S. preparations for war.

Turkey has now upped the ante by repeating its request to NATO under Article IV, which might be used to override individual members' vetoes. This means the whole debate is happening again within NATO, as you read this; and that the poison continues to spread as I write.

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