February 26, 2003

"I'm begging, I'm hoping..." George

"I'm begging, I'm hoping..."

George Michael is worried that today's young pop-stars aren't sophisticated or politically knowledgeable enough to manage to come up with anything nearly as insipid as "Do They Know it's Christmas" or "We are the World." It will be tough, but I think they might have a shot...

What's wrong with sexy?

In other news, the Americanization of Britain continues: the student newspaper of UEA has banned itself because of a potentially-offensive strip club advertisement. The question is, what to do with all those unused "free lap dance" coupons? Faculty lounge? As my wife (a Norfolk girl and UEA grad) points out, the funniest thing about this story is the fact that the words "Norwich" and "lapdance" occur, for perhaps the first time ever, in the same sentence.

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