February 21, 2003

Lileks just watched some footage

Lileks just watched some footage of prime-time Iraqi TV, and he notes that the "kill the Jews" sermons of radical Muslim mullahs are way scarier when you see the video. The wild-eyed sword-swinging gibbering maniac that he describes is straight of central casting (you've seen 'em before in Raiders of the Lost Ark.) But so is Saddam (op. cit.)

Mercifully, perhaps, Harold Pinter left his sword at home when, at the London protest, he said the US was a "nation out of control" run by "a bunch of criminal lunatics" with "Tony Blair as a hired Christian thug," that will "bring barbarism to the entire world." (Cue flashing "unintended irony" sign.) Maybe he should watch more TV. Lileks's comment:

It takes a particularly rarified variety of idiot to look at a Jew-hating fascist with a small mustache - and decide that his opponent is the Nazi.


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