February 20, 2003

That's not hyperbole! That's genocide!

That's not hyperbole! That's genocide!

I'm kind of a connoisseur of hyperbolic denunciations of hyperbole. The third paragraph of this Guardian leader is a pretty good one.

You know the bilious spiteful hate-filled rightwing elite ranters in leather-elbowed armchairs? Well, have you heard the horrible things they have been saying about us? Shocking. They should knock it off. Even though it shows, somehow, that democracy is working. Huzzah!

The previous two paragraphs (which the third follows as a glorious non sequitur-- another polemical phenom of which I am an avid connoisseur) are pretty sensible. Saddam Hussein should take no solace from the peace marches, from Tony Blair's plunging numbers, from Blix's equivocal reports, nor even from Jacques Chirac's soothing and encouraging words-- none of this should "be seen as an excuse for renewed obfuscation or delay."

It sure shouldn't be seen that way.

Oh, and one more thing: that's pretty much how it is being seen.

(via Briffa.)

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