February 14, 2003

What the? Ralf Goergens makes

What the?

Ralf Goergens makes a strong case that German and French gamesmanship on Iraq is motivated by "electoral and financial opportunism." I think he's right.

One of his commenters, however, thinks there's more to it where the French and Belgians are concerned, and provides this interesting observation:

In today's De Standaard, a Flemish newspaper which is not unsympathetic to the government of Michel and Verhofstadt (yes, in that order of importance), the unofficial foreign policy guru of Belgium Rik Coolsaet, a professor at the University of Ghent, brags about the genius of the Franco-Belgian policy. It is primarily aimed at derailing NATO, which he describes as toolbox for American imperialism on the European dime. The second objective (and Coolsaet is very straightforward about it) is to thwart American influence by humiliating it in front of the Arabs (who have a very keen sense of honor and prestige, and who can be trusted to attack America relentlessly once it is humiliated). This ignorant fool who passes for a foreign policy scholar is actually proud of the acts of sabotage that his friends in government committed. But he offers no vision for a post-US world, eccept empty phrases about a multilateral order that will make everybody miraculously happy.

That's the point where France and Belgium have arrived : pure nihilism. And it's no wonder that a man without convictions like Schroeder is fond of the company of such nihilists.

Could it really be that the platitudes of retrograde anti-Imperialism are taken as literally and as seriously as this and are actually adopted as the basis for a deliberate policy? Intentionally derailing NATO? Because it's a "tool of Imperialism?" Cultivating future attacks as a means of hastening the arrival of a New Multilateral Order? Are they out of their minds? Nihilism is all very well, but this is ridiculous. Make of it what you will.

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