July 17, 2003

On the One Hand: Monbiot. On the Other--

Somehow I managed to miss Harry Hatchet's nice little piece on the blogging experience in the Guardian. Till now, I mean. Cool.

I think most people who have given this whole blogging deal a shot would agree with this:

When you have several hundred people visiting your site you start to feel obliged to provide them with something each day. It is not always possible of course and I soon realised that I had to draw a line if blogging wasn't to take an excessive importance in my life.

But nor is blogging a pastime without personal reward. The task of trawling the web in search of ideas and information is very useful indeed, especially if you take politics seriously. Since I began blogging my knowledge of US politics and a host of international issues has improved, I feel much closer to the political debates of the day. Plus, of course, I have a platform for my views.

(via that swell gal Jackie, whom the Guardian has also quoted in its weblog section. Nice quote, too.)

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RE: The rewards of blogging.

What Harry said, plus you get to meet lots of really cool, smart, interesting people from all over the place. I can't think of a major city in the US or Europe where I couldn't visit for the first time and know at least one person to meet up for mischief and beers.

Posted by: Emily at July 18, 2003 12:55 AM