July 16, 2003

Why Ken Layne is Great, cont.

Ken Layne reports on "Hollywood's Hottest", allegedly a video compilation of the naked scenes (and only the naked scenes) from various movies. Kind of like a video/film version of Celebrity Skin.

Anyway, the comment:

Maybe the heat is getting to my brain, but while outside having a cigarette and watching the forest fires burn beautifully in the Sierras, I felt this was some sort of blogger/short-attention-span triumph. No longer would a bored teevee viewer sit through 15 dull minutes of some crap movie on HBO just because he vaguely remembered reading that Halle Berry would get nekkid, eventually. Just as nobody bothers to read the actual articles on the Web -- it's so much easier just to read the blog post and that one sweet blockquoted bit -- the regular jackass no longer has to watch 110 minutes of shoddy movie-making just to see 17 seconds of Cameron Diaz' secret no-no.
That's the sweet blockquoted bit, by the way.

(But he also has a thing about that hairy lady in the Salma Hayek movie. It's blockquotable, too. The main thing is the epithet: The Sad Monkey Painter. Another great title idea.)

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Is there any copyright issues with selling a tape that has clips from dozens of movies?

Posted by: Josh Maxwell at July 16, 2003 06:48 PM