April 09, 2004

Damned with faint praise

"A one-trick pony can be a resplendent, germane beauty..."

Posted by Dr. Frank at April 9, 2004 06:03 PM | TrackBack

Backhanded Compliments 101 must be a required course at music critic school.

Posted by: JB at April 9, 2004 06:17 PM

What sort of tard doesn't think don knotts is hilarious? what a tight ass. Besides,bands that branch out too much turn into Radiohead. Yawwwwhhhhn.

Posted by: A Fan at April 9, 2004 08:13 PM

Dear Miss Manners,

If you preface a potential insult with "No offense, but..." is it still okay for the person in question to be insulted? Some examples:

"No offense, but you're the Don Knotts of punk."
"No offense, but all 11 of your albums sound the same. In a good way."
"No offense, but you're a one trick pony."
"No offense, but your songs initially grate on me. But they're effective."
"No offense, since you're my friend, but I really don't want to hang out with you."

Holidays must be a barrel of laughs chez Harward.

Posted by: Nick at April 9, 2004 08:26 PM

Why do you bother to read this shit, Frank? It's like you get some kind of masochistic pleasure out of being shit on by every person who thinks he/she is a damned music critic. Just remember that they said the same stuff about the Ramones and Sex Pistols and we all no what complete and utter failures they were. Also, how long is it going to take before they cut the "punk" label loose from MTX? Keep up the good fight, Frank, we love ya' man.......

Posted by: Zaphod Beeblebrox at April 9, 2004 09:05 PM

I hate "punk" record review sites. After happening upon them I often find myself wondering just why in the hell do I tagalong and join in these (OI!) reindeer games? It seems that whatever band that just signed to whatever "big" indie label gets a flawless review. And nine times out of ten the band sounds like freshly shat dog poopie. However, if you're in a band like say, MTX, that has had a few bumps in the road musically speaking but overall consistently churns out more thoughtful, well written, better contrived, musically superior, tunes their almost instantly maligned. It's arrogant bullshit in my opinion, and it needs to stop. But it won't, because they're too "Punk Rock" to give other music a shot. I say this not to everybody, but from what I've seen the younger the Punk Rocker the more arrogant and rat-fucked he/she's brain is when it comes to outside music. There are some of you folks out there that know what I am talking about. If the tune doesn't yell: "I hate George Bush he can eat my tush" it's not punk. But songs about girls, (good songs, that is) are old, and boring. Like Don Knotts. I guess. Mr. Roper fuckin' rocked. Fuck the guy whom says he did not. OI.

Posted by: Sam at April 10, 2004 01:50 PM

Mean Street Magazine and On-Line Music Store, huh? Why does the song "I Wrote a Book About Rock n' Roll" come to mind?
I'd hate to call MTX music for people with minds mainly because the whole MTX humor is self-deprecation, right? But it seems to me, people who are heavily into ultra-hip bands or bands in their late-thiries/early forties singing about life as if they're fourteen (Which is all good, I suppose. A place for everything, right?)just don't seem to get why "Fucked Up On Life" (for example) has great, honest writting and is completely funny. MTX's writting alone has had a unique sophisticated humor to them. This is great writting, I think MTX's best. Maybe I'm a bit off on my opinions or I may have just wanted to type while drinking coffee, sorry fot the long rant. It's what I do, I'm mike...not a very good speller either.

Posted by: mike at April 10, 2004 04:45 PM

On the age issue: one thing I love about MTX is that the songs about girls don't assert that young people are naive and foolish and passionate ("Livin on a Prayer" -- ever thought of covering that, Dr. F?), while older people (at 36 I count myself one in this context, at least) are bitter, ironic, distanced, nuanced, etc. Young love can be bitter, nuanced, and distanced, and older folks can be just as foolish and passionate. The dynamics don't necessarily change that much with age, though each of learns something (hopefully) in time -- as life goes on, you get more and more out of it, or something like that.

Posted by: Nick at April 10, 2004 08:22 PM

Thats a nice review,i see that nobody else says The Mr T Eperience!Now its just MTX,MTX and MTX!I dont think its cool cause Mr T Experince is a nice name and everyone should try to pronounce it!! The bands name is fuckin "MR T EXPERIENCE" so say it!!

Posted by: Revolted Queer at April 11, 2004 04:13 AM

i think MTX was born of punk and punk they shall be.
what are they going to do? erase the punk tag and tour malls with our lady peace? alternative is here to stay

Posted by: A Fan at April 11, 2004 08:02 AM

Hey Frank, I just picked up a copy of "American Music Press." I'm not sure if you have seen it or not, but there is a pretty lengthy article about you guys. It was nice to see an article about my favorite band wich is a rareity.

Matt Morris

Posted by: Matt Morris at April 11, 2004 06:39 PM

do you actually read all the blogs you have in your huuuuuuge list? I disagree with the guy who posted about you and Blink-182, but he is right in that you have a maaaasssssive list of blogs which would take just about all day to read.

Posted by: matt at April 12, 2004 12:22 AM

Simply put, The Mr. T Experience are the greatest band, to me. Nothing I have ever listened to has ever contained a tenth of the magic that Frank's lyrics contain. I know its stupid to say, but MTX have been the only real constant in my life, the only think that kept me happy sometimes.

At the age of 17 i was kicked out of my house, and subsequently homeless for a year and a half. I needed money desperately, and sold everything I owned. Everything, that is, except my MTX cds. I kept all the ones I have, and I still have them to this day.

I can still listen to the same songs I've heard a thousand times before, and not be bored of them.

Alternative is here to stay, indeed.

Posted by: jody at April 12, 2004 07:39 PM

Record reviews are of limited usefullness and anyone (like me) who reads them ought to be willing to disregard them, or at least not get mad at the hack behind the review.

On the other hand, this same guy would certainly complain if The Mr. T Experience (there you go, R.Q.) came out with a jazz/ funk record. Or, you know, a "Sings the Songs of Harlan Howard" album.

Besides, does not the very existance of the Alcatraz wars call into question his whole premise?

The Defense rests, your honor.

Posted by: div at April 12, 2004 08:12 PM

Rock music critics, as a species, are one of the lowest forms of life on this planet. Right down there with lawyers, imo.

This reviewer is far from the worst of the breed, though. In one short review, you can see the monumental struggle between his natural urge to enjoy music that's simply fun to listen to, and the rock critic imperative to deride all that isn't desperately striving to be esoterically hipper than the rest.

He likes the band, but he feels like he's risking being seen as un-hip himself in doing so - the greatest fear of any rock critic. Poor bastard...

Posted by: MikeR at April 17, 2004 04:26 PM

As a sixty-year-old fart, it's iteresting to see that you kiddos are as stupid as we used to be.

Posted by: LKM Good at February 18, 2006 07:04 PM