February 12, 2005

"A real move-on.org bummer fest..."

Long-time confidante and all-around great gal Tristin reviews the Manchurian Candidate remake, summarizing the film's "message" thus:

they are mobilizing against us, fellow boomers, we must re-subscribe to the Nation RIGHT AWAY

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It seems again I am right,I don't want be I just usually am...at least when it comes to bad movies. You see this is why I don't bother,I just get a bad feeling. I've seen the original and honestly I don't know why people feel the need to touch(destroy)a classic. That said I did go see the scene by scene remake of Psycho which wasn't really needed anyway but i digress.

From the preview and reviews alone said feeling:

Oh no not again! Due to lack of originality and a desire to produce safe(not meaning family fare)aka movies they know will sell,fine drama is turned action flick. Well maybe its a little more mystery than that but it sure ain't Sinatra.

Forget print,its dialogue that's dead.

Posted by: just me at February 13, 2005 05:48 PM