February 24, 2005

Jean, Irene, Eric, and Fluffles

I'm aware that some people don't share and can't grasp my interest in "found" objects. But, for those who "get" it, here's another. For some reason, I've been hitting the found objects jackpot lately. This one came with quite a good letter from Irene to Jean, which I may share at some later time.

This is a Hallmark Valentine card, in an envelope with lots of stickers: Lady and the Tramp, dogs in a wagon that says "expressly for you," a Little Red Riding hood cat, and, on the flap, a smiling heart with arms and legs with the caption: "Luv Ya." Confetti was enclosed. On the card, Snoopy is sitting on his doghouse looking at a big, heart-shaped chocolate cake, while a couple of Woodstocks in bakers' hats fly around. Text: "Valentine, you're like a three-layer heart-shaped chocolate cake loaded with frosting..." Printed inside the card: "Sweet from top to bottom. Happy Valentines Day!"

Above this printed message, is written, in ball-point:

For Feb 14, 2005
Dear Jean

And below it:
Irene, Eric,
& Fluffles

On the inside facing page of the card:

I saved this card for a long time & thought you might like to have it.

Have you seen that cute Disney ad about the 2 dogs who go to Disneyland? They play "SO THIS IS LOVE" from "Cinderella" and have a scene like the one where Lady and Tramp are sharing a plate of spaghetti. Even Fluffles likes it!

(I think she likes the nice music & it's an animal ad)

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