March 25, 2005

Viva Foghat

This story has been making the rounds: a high school student in Chula Vista mounts a successful campaign to replace one the school's passing bells with "Slow Ride" by Foghat.

"Every story sounds better with the name 'Foghat' in it," says the student activist, who goes by the name of "Sir Diamond" Daniel Christopher Dorman.

And, boy, is that ever true. (And to slip briefly into self-promotion mode - a mode that is, let's face it, never that far off - the book I'm trying to finish has a tolerable amount of Foghat in it. So I see this story as a good omen. Or something.)

Anyway, if you think this post is great now, wait till you realize (and it's just going to be in a second here) that it (the post) not only includes several mentions of the word 'Foghat,' but also a link to the Foghat BBS, which they call "the new Foghat SPEAKEASY." You can read excerpts from Sir Diamond's letter, as well as a response from the principal and general discussion here.

Finally, here's a picture Sir Diamond Dorman and his minions:


He's the guy in the hat. I'd guess there are really two kinds of people in this world: those who will look at these guys and be reminded, at least in some small way, of their own high school selves, and everybody else. Both groups are kind of sad in their own way.

Posted by Dr. Frank at March 25, 2005 04:48 PM | TrackBack

Hey! I guess you saying there's a tolerable amount of Foghat in your book is kinda like a teaser. A really obscure one but I'm not picky. Thanks.

Posted by: Amy 80 at March 25, 2005 05:14 PM

I'd be in the first group, for sure.

By the way, the guitarist for Foghat (Rod Price) died this week after he fell down some stairs in his house.

Posted by: michele at March 25, 2005 05:17 PM

Doesn't this picture look like it belongs in the Hall of Douchebags section of Rock n Roll Confidential?
But seriously folks: By a sad coincidence, the guitar player from Foghat died at his home right here in tiny New Hampshire just the other day, after falling down the stairs.
No cruel joke to add here. The neighbors said he was a nice guy and good father. Bummer.

Posted by: Stig at March 25, 2005 05:48 PM

Frank, do you recall the significance of the phrase "Don't fuck with Foghat"?

Posted by: Aaron at March 25, 2005 06:10 PM

I sure do, Aaron: in fact, it's never far from my mind...

Posted by: Dr. Frank at March 25, 2005 06:12 PM

i'll go on record that I'm for abortion up until the age of 17.

Posted by: lucky409 at March 25, 2005 06:57 PM

hey aaron and frank, what about the whole "i prefer foghat" campaign?

i wish my high school played "slow ride" at lunch, that would have been cool.

Posted by: kendra at March 25, 2005 07:05 PM

I really want to be that kid's friend. I mean, c'mon. He has an apprentice.
Daniel previously distinguished himself at Bonita Vista High by having an apprentice a student who followed him everywhere, addressed him as "The Daniel," performed menial tasks for him and dressed like him. That meant wearing a derby hat and carrying a pocket watch.
That's rad.

And did you see this?

Posted by: Megan at March 25, 2005 07:29 PM

Awesome. Kids have so much pressure on them to conform and fit in these days. More than even 15 years ago when I was in high school. It's good to see that there are still kids who are willing to stand up for what they want and aren't afraid to take on authority. Even if you think the cause is ridiculous or, as one of my friends believes, that the whole thing is a slap in the face of a real civil rights struggle, you have to admire his tenacity.

Posted by: DamnDirtySteve at March 25, 2005 07:55 PM

I prefer the band Slowride to the song by Foghat.

Posted by: Manda Magpie at March 25, 2005 08:22 PM

"the foghat fan look-alike" dichotomy. brilliant!

Posted by: fan at March 25, 2005 08:56 PM

Aw...I totally would have dug kids like that in high school.

Posted by: Elizabeth at March 25, 2005 11:19 PM

I am definitely kind of sad in my own way.

But that is totally poseur hair.

"Schooldays were the happiest days
Though at the time they filled me with dismay;
We only remember what we choose to remember."
-- R.D.


Posted by: Wes at March 25, 2005 11:56 PM

my thoughts are basically...yikes...but i seem to be in the minority so i'll just leave it at that...yikes,not my bag ya know.

Posted by: just me at March 26, 2005 12:08 AM

Hey, Wes, here's another:

"And all the girls in the neighborhood
Try to go out with David Watts.
They try their best but can't succeed
For he is of pure and noble breed."
-- R.D.

I would definitely have been in a picture like this in high school. Oh god, the pain.

Posted by: Nick at March 26, 2005 03:41 AM

I was hoping the story's epilogue would be the record label starting up a lawsuit for unlicensed public performance of a Foghat tune or something.

That would've really gotten the revolution rolling.

Posted by: Dave Bug at March 28, 2005 06:23 AM

For Fuck's sake, will the 70's ever go away? I hope so, and soon!

Posted by: Zaphod at March 28, 2005 10:50 AM

I agree, Zaphod. Ugg, move on.

Posted by: lucky409 at March 28, 2005 04:50 PM

but the partridge family is from the '70s!

Posted by: kendra at March 28, 2005 06:11 PM

man this kid is what i call "fake weird". like if you have to try that hard to be weird, you're not. and it's annoying to those of us who are. that guy would have totally gotten on my nerves. plus i think he should channel his energy into something important.

plus foghat sucks. i had to see them a while ago and they played an 18-minutes long rendition of slow ride. i wanted to stab my ears out.

Posted by: r a e d y at March 28, 2005 08:28 PM

Good point, Kendra.
I get my daily fill of Danny Bonaduce on the light rock morning radio show he co-hosts here is L.A. It makes me happy.

Posted by: Megan at March 28, 2005 08:53 PM

R a e d y: Although I'd agree that there has been an explosion in "fake weird" since I got out of h.s. (the popularity of Hot Topic being a case in point), I don't know that demonstrating one's weirdness loudly invalidates the weirdness. When I determined in h.s. that I was never going to be accepted as normal or datable, I took the extreme opposite end of the spectrum to make it seem like my choice and something "special" about me. It made me feel more in control of my life and less able to be rejected. I see it as a way of turning the pain of not being accepted on its head. It at least gives the weird one the illusion of power.

Posted by: Elizabeth at March 28, 2005 10:02 PM

It's good to see that Sir Diamond is using his power and charisma for goodness and purity. I applaud him. If he starts a cult, I'm joining. If he needs another apprentice, I'll apply. If he wants me to do his homework, I'll gladly do it. I'd even offer to do his laundry and clean his room.

Posted by: j francis at March 28, 2005 10:10 PM

well yeah,but who wants the illusion of anything?
i usually avoid anything coming close to a label as much as possible.

Posted by: just me at March 28, 2005 10:23 PM

uhh, isn't that some sort of label in itself?

Posted by: kendra at March 29, 2005 01:09 AM

plausible,em maybe plausible...i'm just saying i'd rather have that then fool myself. for some reason the idealizing of the ILLUSION of power disturbs me,sounds emotionally unhealty. i mean i guess that's kind of the point,a lot of people are but can do better!! : ))

also meaning thoughts left over from when i stopped buying into into literal labels(that aren't deserving homages)on stuff. they're not payin me to advertise and all.
admittedly i feel the need to drive that point into the ground,given half the opening. but in reality i suppose superficial is just that no matter what you do.

i'm just sayin...

Posted by: just me at March 29, 2005 06:02 AM

i'm basically saying i knew guys like that in high school and they got on my f'n nerves. look at meeeeee!!!! i have minions!!!! i have a weird hat!!! slow riiiiiide!!!


Posted by: r a e d y at March 29, 2005 05:44 PM

Maybe I'm the only one that feels like this but high school is pretty lame. Every body is trying to be cool and impress everyone else. Wasn't that kind of the point? I mean, even if you were a dork or whatever, there were still things done to put you in that category. Besides, school sucks, you gotta do something to keep it interesting.

Posted by: Amy 80 at March 29, 2005 07:16 PM

Everybody had a label growing up. I remember in middle school a classmate saying to me "You're 'headbanger', right?" (He asked me as if he had a follow-up, as in "you're a headbanger, aren't you, because I have some thing that I need to discuss on the current state of headbanging.) I don't even know how I earned that one. I had short hair, but I did have a friend who used to wear a metalica t-shirt; so I guess it was a borderline call. I probably would have classified myself more as a "jock with 'alternative' street cred" or maybe a "jew." Either one.

Posted by: josh at March 29, 2005 07:25 PM

i guess that's pretty much how i feel/felt too raedy,i was/am unfortunately too nice to say it.

label yourself with your name...maybe a nickname..possibly your doctrines.

no,his thing doesn't count as doctrine.

Posted by: justme at March 29, 2005 08:02 PM

niceness has never stopped me! bwah hahah!

yeah this is basically a stunt for attention. how about starting a group, petition whatever, to do something positive and important? then i would respect him. and i would even be nice.

Posted by: r a e d y at March 29, 2005 10:28 PM

High school labels....I guess mine was roided out bi-polar freak. Not really bi-polar, the roids did it.

Posted by: Z at March 30, 2005 11:03 AM

I was pretty much big man on campus in high school. Whenever I walked down the hall to the drinking fountain, I would proffer my arm as if I would welcome some female companionship on my stroll. Everytime, without fail, the ladie would rush out of their classrooms all dolled out in their Espirit, Bennaton and Coca-Cola rugby shirts in a hurried attempt to be Ms. Lucky.
This no-holds-barred brand of WINNERINGNESS has followed me into adult life, as I am the person who was peering at you and your crappy car from the tinted windows of my rereleased GTO sportscar at the stoplight last night.

Posted by: christopher at March 30, 2005 11:19 AM

I've always suspected that the confidence born of early support by one's peers led to future success.

Posted by: Elizabeth at March 30, 2005 04:32 PM

raedy, that foghat you saw was Foghat in name only. The only original guy was the bass player. Granted, at their best original Foghat was merely a glorified bar band, but they did write some catchy songs and I am sure that with the original personell intact, you would have hated them less. "fool for the city" anyone?

Posted by: mike at March 30, 2005 06:27 PM

photo caption (left to right): Failed Jock, Half Assed Cobain, Everyone Look At Me, Please! and Fat Nerd.

Posted by: Pops McGee at March 30, 2005 06:32 PM

actually my first thought of "Fat Nerd" was more
like Wannabe John Flansburg.

But then again same thing...sort of..I mean I wouldn't call him that but you know.

Posted by: just me at March 30, 2005 07:17 PM

I'd rather resemble a failed Kurt Cobain than a successful one... so bloody and gross.

Posted by: christopher at March 30, 2005 08:13 PM

Spread the joy of foghat! Check out the tribute!

Posted by: Mark Hofmeyer at March 31, 2005 03:12 AM

funny! and original!
oh wait.. its not April '94, nevermind.

Posted by: mike at March 31, 2005 04:13 AM

see this is why people parents shouldnt neglect kids at a young age.. i mean u get people wanting some of the craziest crap ever. Foghat? what happened to this world? i guess his father never played catch with him

Posted by: ryan at March 31, 2005 01:24 PM

"Communication -- the Anti-Foghat"

Posted by: Nick at March 31, 2005 05:16 PM

kurt cobain references are timeless. dont try to act too cool for school, cuz you're not.

Posted by: christopher at April 1, 2005 12:23 AM

What I wouldn't give to be a minion of Sir Diamond Dorman...

Posted by: Eric Peabody at April 7, 2005 01:12 AM