May 31, 2005

She Seen Me Naked

Here are some more search queries that have led people over here recently. (For all those who find my periodic google contests tedious, all I can say is you're getting off easy in re: me and tediousness.)

I have noticed a category of Seeker I didn't mention the last time around: there are people who seem to use the google search box as a way to confess their secrets. I guess this activity is in the same spirit as this. Google is like the friend you never had. You can tell it anything. It is not there to judge. On the other hand, I doubt its advice will ever be much of a help. But at least it knows how to listen:

i am a girl with sideburns

she seen me naked

he is driving me crazy i am gonna lose it

am falling for him again can't breath

my life is depressing

i love wolves

In addition to those:
Sephiroth ring tones

why do girls have mustaches?

how to pronounce nietszche neitzshe

Is Billie Joe addictive to smoking

What fascist economic policies is arnold schwarzenegger pursuing in california

danny bonaduce without a shirt

Today's winner:
things that could happen if you steal an unauthorized vehicle

Posted by Dr. Frank at May 31, 2005 02:46 PM | TrackBack

The queries people type into Google are both hilarious and fascinating. I predict there will be a university study done about it in the not too distant future. Also years from now as Google's AI steadily improves it will probably become the most useful thing humans have ever invented and be recognized as such, but it still probably won't be able to help the "My life is depressing" sad sack in his/her quest for answers.

Posted by: Buckeye Bill at May 31, 2005 04:37 PM

I can only hope you're leaving out tons and tons of absolutely normal ones. Of course at some point someone will figure out how to fake the referrers and contaminate the experiment. You (Frank) may be able to tell, but the rest of us will never know, because once you've posted the "search term" as part of an entry, it will actually be a valid result. The mind reels.

Posted by: Wes at May 31, 2005 08:19 PM

I read the first list and pictured someone undergoing the barrage of annoyance that leaks out of failed relationships, sitting at the computer wishing like hell he/she would just shut up. Perhaps it's someone who has done absolutely everything they can think of as far as the internet is concerned and are now at the complete end of everything, trying to milk some last little bit of something to do out of the computer.

Posted by: sam at June 3, 2005 05:32 AM