January 28, 2006

I'll Take Things That Are Bad for 200, Alex

If you find the argument over whether Religion has done more harm than Science or vice versa diverting, you might want to head over to Natalie Solent's place: she's arguing with Professor Anthony Grayling.

UPDATE: Hey this is almost just like the good old days!

Moira Breen, far less of a frequent blogger of late than I wish she were, writes to Natalie on Prof. Grayling and the current game of Spot the Evil:

I fear that either Mr. Grayling is misleading your Martian readers, or I am misinformed on certain finer points of history.

If the Martians were encountering Earth history for the first time in his recent response to you, they might reasonably conclude from his phrasing that the malignant United States - after all chock-a-block with religious enthusiasm and Southern Baptist types from the get-go - stood in opposition to the triumphant "secular, democratic and humanist offspring of Enlightenment [that] refused to accept either fascism or communism, and defeated the former in seventeen years and the latter in seventy". Maybe the persistence of American religiosity is just a product of sheer testy resentment at having been on the wrong side of history in the last century?

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