January 28, 2006

Problems and Chores and Hopes and Dreams

A friend of mine found this letter between the pages of a copy of Gail Sheehy's Passages, which was in a box of books on the street in south Berkeley. The letter was ripped in quarters and placed in an envelope with the word "ART" written on it.

Put together, it looks like this:


Here is a transcript:

Dear Art,
I'm not quite sure what's happening so I decided I'd better check it out with you before there's any more misunderstanding.

I feel like I've been put on hold. I don't mind if I know why.

First you were including me in on Wed. - Monterrey. Then I was left out when you were going to Berkeley. I assumed either Marie was going to be involved or you were taking Charlie whoring. I didn't question it. It's not my nature. I trusted you.

Then when I invited you both to dinner last nite & you couldn't come until desert that was O.K. too. My goal was to cook for Charlie & introduce him to some of my friends.

I hadn't planned desert but I fixed one. I decided I could fix a plate of my soul food for Charlie to take home for lunch.

(It weren't easy since I invited Cher and Dave to fill in your places!!) Charlie could still meet Doni.

I didn't really start to feel bad until Doni & Ray started saying they had to leave about 9 & I called & nobody answered.

Nobody really said anything but I felt embarrassed. I kept thinking why couldn't you let all of us help you with your chores.

(Again I'm making the assumption its moving you were doing since you didn't say.)

I was also thinking you had to eat anyway. Why couldn't you stop in for a quick bite anywayhere.

I don't like feeling like a toy put on the shelf until playtime.

You said yourself I am "well-packaged." Be straight with me. Let me be involved in the problems & chores of your life also I like the stuffin, giblets & meat. Never have liked gravy alone.

How can I seek you out with my problems & chores & hopes & dreams when you are putting limits on our relationshipfriendship? My friends can be straight with me even if its to tell me I'm afraid to tell you because I'm not sure you'd understand.

People's imaginations are usually far more extreme than reality could ever be.

Love Hugs & kisses


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From Amazon..."The author's (Sheehy) previous blockbuster, Passages (5/15/76), introduced us all to the term "midlife crisis."

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