February 03, 2006

Are you sure they said you won?

I was in San Diego earlier this week and I had lunch with my agent and Michael Cart, who is a kind of big shot in the YA world and has a genuine, truly affecting passion for these books. There is really not one book in the extended YA universe he has not read, or so it seems. (Even mine: he was about halfway through it when we met, and he said some sweet things about it, which was nice.) Nice guy.

Anyway, he was the chairman of the Printz award committee this year and part of that job involves calling the winners to tell them the good news. He said he reached John Green, the author of the winning book (Looking for Alaska) on his cell phone when John and his fiance were on their way to start their wedding registry. John's dad captured the whole thing on his cell phone camera. I don't know, it just seems kind of charming, you know?

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Hi there. Jesus, how didnt I find out about your blog sooner? I should have guessed you had one. So Ill be reading you starting tomorrow. Im the Spaniard who once translated the "Ask Dr. Frank" for my fanzine, and who (ahem) never sent the fanzine to you (sorry, but the stamp money we had was scarce)... which I may be able to fix now if you care to receive it at all, if you give me a PO BOX. Cheers

Oh, your book looks great, at least the review-description does.

Posted by: Javier at February 3, 2006 05:26 PM