February 22, 2006

Deep A sleep, the Holy Ghost power said I'd be used to testify

Beth found this song on the bus in the Gilman St. area. Transcribed as found, underlining set as italics.

Twist of Faith

When I first felt the Holy Ghost
I try to stand tuFF Lord, [first word scratched out] could not lie,
twist oF Faith. was Heavn
Destiny Brought me closer to
the word.


you and I-need to know,the
Twist oF Faith, Got me sprung From
A SinneR
Jesus has arised arived, spred the word
About my Savior.

He's gonna give you His one, undivided
Attention For you sacraFiced yeah.

Deep A sleep,the Holy Ghost
said Id be used to
Now that Im Blessed how will
the story go.
Lift my Hands Praise the Lord and
Let the Spirit take controll


Posted by Dr. Frank at February 22, 2006 10:50 PM | TrackBack

Is it ok that I am scared of the Holy Ghost Power...

Nonetheless, any "Chours" that has a "yeah" in it you know is super catchy!

Posted by: christopher at February 23, 2006 12:52 AM

Thanks. It's been a while since you've given us a found object.

You can't blame a guy for following his muse. I just wish they would teach spelling in Sunday school.

Years ago, I got into an argument with a homeless man. He was asking for money for "bus fare" to see his kid. I told him I wouldn't just give him "bus fare", but I would be happy to buy the notebook and pen that he was holding for a buck. We haggled back and forth until I was up to five bucks for the pen only. He could have bought a new pen and spent the other $4.50 on "bus fare", but he was adamant in his refusal to part with said pen and paper.

I wonder if he had lyrics like these in that notebook.

Posted by: Tim at February 23, 2006 01:00 AM

huh. interesting.
i had what christians call an "affirmation" today. i didn't know what it was til i talked to my spiritual guidance counselor.
i have a credit account at a local yuppie coffee shop and when a homeless (i assumed) man asked me for money i offered to buy him lunch instead at the coffee shop. (im not that great of a guy, it was an ad trade thing for the paper i work for and i have alot of room on it i have to force myself to use) but really, it was out of character for me to do something like that. so anyway, when he was walking into the shop, he stopped, turned and stared at me and said "it is a beatiful day today, i did something good and the lord brought a good person into my life."
I have recently "found a higher power" and it was Jesus. I guess this is how he tells you it's not all in your mind.
I'm open to the possibility that it's the Karma Police running the show, but i've always hated pigs.

Posted by: chris riordan at February 23, 2006 01:05 AM

wow that was a cross post! CONICIDENCES ABOUND TONIGHT!

Posted by: chris riordan at February 23, 2006 01:06 AM

Sounds like a Danzig song.

Posted by: Tim Jones at February 23, 2006 02:02 AM

My wife likes to listen to the Christian pop-rock thing but I don't like it. It's not that I don't like or approve of the message, it's more that there is no subtlety at all. The songs don't convey the message. They bash you over the head with it. I think Evanesence, like them or not, does an excellent job of conveying the message in a subtle manner so that if you like and "get" the message then it makes you feel good, but if you don't like or "get" the message then you can still enjoy the music. Heck, I know many people who didn't even notice that Evanescence was God-rock.

Posted by: Zaphod at February 23, 2006 01:23 PM

To be honest with you I much prefer this:


to Christian Rock.

Posted by: josh at February 23, 2006 02:07 PM

I did a presentation on Christian rock music in my relgion class in high school and learned some really interesting stuff. The oddest thing ever might be hearing the Christian death metal bands, it just doesn't seem right.

Posted by: courtney at February 23, 2006 06:12 PM

Bum story No. 2 of 2. I was eating at McDonald's (my first mistake)and this homeless dude sat at my table and asked me if I was going to eat my fries, while I was still shovelling them into my face. I said, "Naw man, they're yours" and left my fries along with half a burger there.

What do you do? He wasn't asking for booze money, but at same time...Yes, I was eating them.

He didn't even have a book full of lyrics for me to peruse, while he scarfed my grub.

Now I stay in the 'burbs and write a check once a year to clear my conscience.

Posted by: Tim at February 23, 2006 07:08 PM

best christian rock punk group ever: fugazi.

if you go through the midwest you will probably spot herds of slow moving cattle wearing shirts that say things like "FEAR FACTOR" that upon closer examination reveal a Christian Endorsement... but they still paid like 25 bucks for them. Even the copyright holders wouldn't charge you that much for such a stupid shirt.

Posted by: chris riordan at February 24, 2006 11:57 AM

tim, where does that check go? just curious. i think you had a more efficient method of feeding the homeless before you retreated to the suburbs. i ate somebodies conscience once, and while it was very mentally rewarding, i still needed a burrito when i was done.

Posted by: chris riordan at February 24, 2006 12:01 PM

hey christopher, where up there at the top - here's a little song from my youth that i hum to myself when i get scurred of the holy ghost:

GHOST by Sonic Whirlpool
sung to the tune of the fraggle rock bass line

"I see maggie dancin
out of the corner of my
eye see spirits floatin
floatin crozz the summer sk
i can feel the fragrance
that she whispers bye
i can feel her presents
like the

dont be afraid
dont be afraid
dont be afraid
of the go

dont be afraid
of the ghost

dont be afraid"

available on CDR if you bug this guy:


Posted by: chris riordan at February 24, 2006 12:07 PM

actually it was just before I got on the bus,but thwese are technicallities...glad you all have enjoyed it.

i told Frank that despite the speelingannoyances
and the simplicity,its not a bad messase but then i'm into the whole organized religion thing.

Posted by: just me at February 24, 2006 11:44 PM

Honestly? Unfortunately, the few checks I've given out haven't gone to the homeless...not that kind of homeless anyway. I figure my taxes are supposed to take care of that.

The little bit of money that I've given away has gone more to the suddenly homeless; battered (as opposed to plain) women's shelters and the victims of major storms.

I get your point though, Chris. I could probably feed a lot more people if I just went into Chicago once in a while and started handing out burgers.

Posted by: Tim at February 25, 2006 12:37 AM

tim, just so you know, i've recieved part of your taxes and i dont really deserve them. i try to avoid conversations with strangers in the middle of the night, but if i'm walking around during the day and someone... ah, screw it. it doesn't count if i talk about it.

Posted by: chris riordan at February 25, 2006 04:37 AM