February 07, 2006

Me and Beaver Brown


Leila Roy over at Bookshelves of Doom was kind enough to link back to my little essay on YA and rock and roll.

It was through her link the the Mr. T Experience allmusic.com page that I migrated to the allmusic page for Dr. Frank. It was there I learned that John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band is a "similar artist."

I did not know that!

Posted by Dr. Frank at February 7, 2006 01:10 AM | TrackBack

Not only that, but according to allmusic you're no longer active. For what it's worth.

Posted by: Paul at February 7, 2006 01:42 AM

It is somewhat reassuring that these "If you like MTX you'll love John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band" algorithms are basically the same ones that big brother wants to use to keep tabs on us via our electronic interactions.

Posted by: amber at February 7, 2006 02:11 AM

Well, activeness is relative condition. I will say, I do spend a great deal of time engaged in inactivity.

Posted by: Dr. Frank at February 7, 2006 02:24 AM

I think it's all that time you've spent on the Dark Side....

Posted by: Matt Welch at February 7, 2006 02:32 AM

Well, JCATBBB *did* do the music for Eddie and the Cruisers, so it could be worse. You just like saying "beaver."

Posted by: Tristin Laughter at February 7, 2006 04:47 AM

Well, it could be worse, like having NOFX listed as a similar artist to you on that page. Wait, never mind.

Posted by: David Cummings at February 7, 2006 06:47 AM

Those things are WAY off base. iTunes tells me that since I like Flogging Molly that I'd also like Pennywise, Anti-Flag and No Avail. WTF?? Dropkick Murphys I could understand, but how you lump a Celt-Rock band in with the aforementioned is beyond me.

Blockbuster is no better. Some movies I've rated 5-stars: Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings, History of the World and Phantom of the Opera. Blockbuster suggested I rent: the Bird Cage, Moulin Rouge, the English Patient. Arrrgghhhhh!!! Maddening I say, absolutely crackers!

Posted by: Zaphod at February 7, 2006 01:10 PM

Didn't you do the music for the Mark Walberg film, Rock Star?

Posted by: josh at February 7, 2006 01:37 PM


What's all this about then? A best of MTX? IS this just an e-music thing?

Posted by: Bal at February 7, 2006 05:21 PM

Let's stop beating around the bush...Bryan Adams is listed as a similar artist to Cafferty....therefore...

MTX = Bryan Adams

Posted by: christopher at February 8, 2006 03:40 PM

Blockbuster just assumed Zaphod's gay. Whether he is or isn't ain't the point. I would sue over those incredibly offensive and stereotypical picks.

Posted by: Tim at February 8, 2006 08:58 PM

"The Canadian government has already apologized for Bryan Adams."

Posted by: Stigfink at February 10, 2006 05:05 PM