February 28, 2006

Nail Place Across the Street from Supermarket



Both sides of a damp note found in North Oakland.

Posted by Dr. Frank at February 28, 2006 11:41 PM | TrackBack

At first I wasn't as intelligent as this man...I thought he was dating a girl who was also Slash's (GNR) fiance...but after a careful reread I understand how clever a penpal we are dealing with; spelling "slash" as opposed to saying girlfriend/fiance...

Yet I am perplexed that later in the note he does in fact use the symbol for slash "24/7".

Posted by: christopher at March 1, 2006 01:05 AM

My girlfriend Slash's fiance's house?

Posted by: klinger at March 1, 2006 08:09 AM

At last someone shares my passion for Moonlite mushroom hunts!

Posted by: Lauren at March 1, 2006 03:57 PM

Do people drop these kinds of things near you on purpose? You know, to get famous or something....

Posted by: Estherke at March 1, 2006 04:15 PM

Sometimes I wonder, Estherke...

Posted by: Dr. Frank at March 1, 2006 04:20 PM

I hope you wrote back, it would be very cool for that person to find something too.

Posted by: courtney at March 2, 2006 10:47 PM