March 27, 2006


Remember how I wrote and recorded a theme song for Lane Smith's new book John, Paul, George & Ben?

They played it on WFMU's Greasy Kid Stuff last week. Click that link to listen to the show. The Lane Smith stuff begins around thirty minutes in.

Posted by Dr. Frank at March 27, 2006 06:09 PM | TrackBack

ever gonna link us to a recording of your radio show from friday? if you ever find one, i'd be interested to hear it most definitely.

Posted by: colin at March 28, 2006 05:07 AM

soon colin, soon...

Posted by: kendra at March 28, 2006 04:29 PM

i have a recording of the KALX show from saturday, if thats what you mean colin, let me know if you want a copy, assuming its alright with Mr. Dr. Frank that is.

Posted by: Nick G. at March 29, 2006 12:09 AM

there should be a pog-cast of the whole thing available shortly. as well as an edited version withouth all of the dead air and pointless banter.

Posted by: kendra at March 29, 2006 12:55 AM

Wait. If you take that stuff out, what's going to be left?

Posted by: annette at March 29, 2006 01:22 AM

I've got the show recorded and broken up into 52 .wav tracks. I'm putting the whole show on a couple CD's for me, and was thinking I could upload it to for everyone. I've regrettably never seen any MTX available there.

Posted by: david at March 29, 2006 01:46 AM

Cool song! I kind of wish I had kids so I could make them listen to that show.

Posted by: Kate at March 29, 2006 03:15 AM

Do that David. Upload it.

Posted by: Richard at March 29, 2006 04:28 AM

i have a copy of KALX were i edited out all the talking and is just the songs. i posed it at

Posted by: Tom at March 29, 2006 04:35 AM

Tom, what is the source of your torrent? Did you record it from FM or the webcast?

Posted by: david at March 30, 2006 11:23 AM

My wife picked up that book (she's a Kindergarten teacher). The bad news was that her copy (through Scholastic) didn't come with a CD. The good news is it's a pretty good kids book anyway.

Posted by: dave bug at March 30, 2006 02:32 PM

I posted the entire show (minus any previously released material) on, and I am ready to seed (In the cleanest sense of the word).

Dime doesn't like compressed internet streams being uploaded, but I'll still see what I can do there. They already banned the torrent once.

Posted by: david at March 31, 2006 01:47 AM

Thanks david. I'll seed it whenever I can.

Posted by: Richard at April 2, 2006 03:23 PM

the source of mine is webcast. the one i posted is mp3 with just the songs he played but i have the whole show in wav. format if you want me to up that somewhere

Posted by: Tom at April 2, 2006 11:57 PM