March 24, 2006

I Think This is Technically Referred to as a "Bleg"

Hey, anyone out there who has some time on his or her hands and is good (and fast) at making fliers, would you want to help me out with a flier for my book release show thing at Cato's? Details are here. I haven't done that sort of thing in a long, long time and I have just realized that my best flier-making years are behind me (and they weren't all that great either.) It should be pdf-able and easily xerox-able I'd guess.


Posted by Dr. Frank at March 24, 2006 07:24 PM | TrackBack

I got a C+ in high school computer graphics. Good luck.

Posted by: josh at March 24, 2006 07:50 PM

I always wanted to put together an online
flyer-matic flyer maker where you would enter
in a few lines, and it would spit out a PDF flyer
in the style of Barbara Kruger posters -- compressed sans serif font + stock cropped photo.
unfortunately the closest I got was making a
script that, given an input image, creates
a mosaic of that image composed entirely of
the "goatse" guy. But would people be interested
in the Kruger-izer?

Posted by: krugerno1fan at March 24, 2006 08:25 PM

I sent you something through e-mail to consider. If you want to use it, though, I need a higher-resolution JPEG or GIF of your book cover. I pulled one off your web site, so it's only 72 dpi.

If you are interested in using it, call me with any changes. My number is in the e-mail.

Have a great party! May your book become an instant bestseller!

Posted by: Brandie at March 25, 2006 12:50 AM

This kind of thing?

That's scaled down for the interweb. I have a big one and a PDF if you like. Like Brandie said the quality will be balls at 72 dpi but if you're just xeroxing it I guess it doesn't matter so much...

Posted by: Richard at March 25, 2006 12:52 PM