March 23, 2006

The Non-Conformist Majority

If you were going to do a study following a cohort of children through life, with an eye to reaching general conclusions about the relationship between child personality and behavior and cultural-political identity in adulthood, would you decide to do it in Berkeley? And would you be surprised to learn that this group's well-adjusted "good kids" turned out to be "liberals"? And that the Holden Caulfields of the class ended up as "conservatives"? Who would have thought?

(via Instapundit.)

Posted by Dr. Frank at March 23, 2006 04:01 PM | TrackBack

Well-adjusted in berkley = liberal no? Any you know Holden grew up to be a republican.

BTW my thought on ol' HC are here.

Posted by: MArk at March 23, 2006 04:32 PM

I hated everyone and everything (still do for the most part) and low and behold I hate all politicians, think they're phonies looking to line their pockets further and don't give a rat's ass about what's good for the people. I figured that'd be how the grown up Holdens of the world would be as well.

Posted by: Zaphod at March 23, 2006 07:35 PM

Did they not take into accounnt the parents' affiliation?

Posted by: josh at March 23, 2006 08:32 PM

Josh, I don't know if they took it into account, but I doubt they had to ask.

Posted by: Dr. Frank at March 23, 2006 08:55 PM

I don't know about that. I was about as whiny as they come as a kid, mostly because everybody was, in fact, out to get me. My teachers, classmates and parents included. They still are.

According to the Are You a Liberal chart, I am extremely liberal.

I disagree with both this study and the Are You a Liberal test...because I'm "bright" enough to realize that they're both trying to paint me into a corner.

Posted by: Tim at March 23, 2006 11:18 PM