March 13, 2006

These Books Look Cute

I guess I'll always feel a vague connection to Naomi Wolf, simply because I once wrote a song about her.

Here she writes about that sector of YA lit that includes the Clique, Gossip Girl and A-List series. I haven't read any of these books (and I kind of doubt I ever will) but Naomi has and she is not amused. (The NYT "forum" commenters argue about how closely or distantly Gossip Girl resembles Pride and Prejudice here.)

(via E. Lockhart.)

UPDATE: Bookslut's Colleen Mondor comments here. Get a life, Nay Nay...

Posted by Dr. Frank at March 13, 2006 05:28 PM | TrackBack

I read some pages from a few of these books in stop n shop once. It just kind of makes me sad. Kids grow up to fast if this is the kind of stuff they are into. But then again I have a hard time remembering the mental state of certain ages. But 4th-6th grade seems like i was into comics and skateboards and maybe gi joe. Or maybe it's because I have my own kid now and I don't want him reading about that crap at a young age. I'd rather he just do exactly what I did. I mean I turned out alright so why mess with the formula right?

Posted by: MArk at March 14, 2006 02:38 PM

Did you ever figure out the connection between Bookslut and you getting their ref ids in your Amazon blog links?

Posted by: dave bug at March 15, 2006 10:28 PM