April 12, 2006

This Ain't Literature. It's Genocide.

Dr. Robin says these books are dangerous in many ways. "[They] are defining for girls who they are, making them think they're choosing it, and then profiting off of the demise of a whole generation of girls and women," she says.

"Dr. Robin" is talking about teen chick lit, following Naomi Wolf's lead.

(via Leila.)

Posted by Dr. Frank at April 12, 2006 06:23 PM | TrackBack

You see, girls are so unable to think for themselves that if you tell them they can't think for themselves they won't be able to think for themselves. Or something like that.

Posted by: josh at April 12, 2006 08:29 PM

And video games cause school shootings, while Heavy Metal, Masters of the universe, and D&D are rife with Satanism...... Isn't it remotely possible that some people are simply idiots regardless of whether or not they have arts or entertainment? Man, Naomi Wolf sounds almost as idiotic as Jack Thompson.

Posted by: Rich at April 12, 2006 11:04 PM