May 17, 2006

Fade Away and Aggregate


Here's more stuff about my book I found on the internets:

(a) Megan McCafferty wrote this swell blurb.

(b) This piece ran in Friday's Oklahoman. (login:; password: blogsofwar.)

(c) The Village Voice's Tom Breihan ruminates on East Bay punk, arena rock, American Idiot, the Reverend Norb, the Mr. T Experience, etc., and says King Dork is the "best punk rock book ever". Seriously, it really says that. You can click the link and check. I won!

(d) Here is an interview with Entertainment Weekly's Bob Cannon. (Bob is interviewing me, I mean.)

(e) Keef compares the John Bellairs School of YA fiction with the Portman/Korman/Rainbow Party/"Be More Chill" School of YA fiction; Kathryn reviews my, er, appearance at Books, Inc. last week; Nick thinks my writing style needs some work, but wishes me better luck next time; and bialog is "half-fascinated by how much a Young Adult genre writer can get away with."

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