May 02, 2006

You may have already won...


As you can see, Kendra ended up with at least one King Dork too many. So she's holding a contest to give away the excess. She's calling it The King Dork Band Name Contest.

The full description of the contest is on her blog (link above) but essentially the idea is to come up with the best Sam 'n' Moe band, in Tom Henderson's format, e.g. "The Nancy Wheelers, Pseudo-Moe on guitar, Sam Hellerman on bass and Ouija board, first album Margaret? It's God. Please Shut Up." Logos and cover art optional but encouraged. I'll autograph or otherwise deface the winner's prize in whatever way the winner likes. How does that sound?

You've got one week from today. Go!

Teens Read Too is also currently holding a contest for a copy of King Dork along with a three-song promo sampler CD. Check it out...

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