September 08, 2006

Grape Mrs. Carillon

I take Dana Milbank's point about skewed Congressional priorities. On the other hand, for some reason that probably doesn't reflect all that well on me, I sure am glad I got a chance to see this sign:


Plus, did you know about H. Res. 912, "Supporting the goals and ideals of National Life Insurance Awareness Month"? Well, you do now.

(via Harry's Place.)

Posted by Dr. Frank at September 8, 2006 07:16 PM | TrackBack

Damn straight! Feeding pigs to the French is one thing, but horses? Come on now!

Posted by: ellen at September 9, 2006 12:58 AM

"It's only natural, the horses had mange all over them," said Jean et Claude...

Posted by: Wesley at September 9, 2006 03:01 AM

¿Juan y Claude estan comiendo los caballitos? ¡Cabrónes!

(Eh, no hablo Francais. ¿Que puedes hacer?)

Posted by: Sasha at September 9, 2006 06:50 AM

And that´s only the appetizer, start hiding your buffalos or they´ll have them for a main dish. Mon Dieu.

Posted by: Javier at September 9, 2006 04:38 PM

Sasha -- Tiene usted que traducir del frances la palabra "mange". Lo siento, es un retruécano muy retardado.

Posted by: Wesley at September 10, 2006 01:33 AM