September 08, 2006

Sasha's Sam Hellerman

That post about Robin's Sam Hellerman triggered the following message from Sasha:

I've come back and read this last entry several times already. It makes me terribly sad, but I keep re-reading it anyway. Alisha Cooke (a.k.a. Ralphie, later Twitch) was my Sam Hellerman. We met in sophomore year of high school and were best friends until freshman year of college. She was loud, always had a plan, and popped anti-anxiety pills with a frequency only rivaled by Hellerman's painkillers. Our band was called:

1.) The Conniptions. (Me a.k.a. Frankie on guitar and vocals, Ralphie on drums, Mikey on bass and narcolepsy. First album "...Have a Fit!")

2.) Tuesday Effort. (Frankie on guitar and vocals, Twitch on drums, Brooke on bass and apocalypse, Arsenal on rhythm guitar. First album "perfectly happy.")

3.) Bottlerocket. (Frankie on guitar and vocals, Twitch on drums and four-track, Miko on bass and unpleasantries. First album never named.)

We had a Hellerman-worthy zine that we cowrote called "Not Since," and we also had a comic book, penned mostly by me with a little of Twitch's help. I guess girl pop-punk little bands are big on comic books. I only got about five pages in, but it portrayed the true story of us trying to get people to buy tickets for a Battle of the Bands we signed up for. (We were kicked off the roster though for not selling enough. What shame as we gave them all their money back.)

At a rate of two shows in total over the course of three years, I guess we at least had one up on The Chi-Mos. (So far.) I also guess we were pretty decent for an all-girl pop punk band. We wrote probably about 15 playable songs in total, and I wish to god I still had our lyric book but it got left at her house the last time I was there, right before she decided to hate my guts and break up the band. That was about five years ago. I do still have our EP-type-thing though, at least. Only three songs, but it's something. I also still have the zine and the part-of-a-comic book. Score!

Last night I put all our band names into that tape generator. It made me happy to see it, even if it's fake. It felt like what could have been.

She drew this logo in AP Spanish class in her junior year ('It's just the sort of thing AP Spanish is conducive to, when you're not watching El Norte or singing "Feliz Navidad"'):

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Matt Burke and I were Fedel Castro and the Beards. First album, "Get off my jock, friskin' cop." Songs: We Don't need Chris Webber; You're Reported, Little Brother Play with Me (not with electricity); Dare, Double Dare, Physical Challenge (Harvey, tell them what they've won).

Posted by: josh at September 11, 2006 05:09 PM

i've been working in facilities at a biotech for the past few months. while doing inventory, i realized that many pieces of medical equipment would also make fine, british-sounding band names.

1) orbital shaker 6) threshold analyzer
2) mini vortexer 7) speed vac
3) autosampler 8) stability chamber
4) sonicator 9) paltronic flowstar
5) spectra manager 10) cat mixer

Posted by: lefty at September 12, 2006 01:05 AM

my friend and i had a fake band called "how to make mom mad." it was a cover band. we covered tunes from our first imaginary band called "monster patrol." i'll have to make a cassette and send it over to her.

Posted by: arifa at September 23, 2006 03:20 PM