September 06, 2006

The Slime Sluts

Steven Rubio used this site to create this graphic teaser for the website for his King Dork-reading college course:


In the same general sort of ballpark, Robin writes in, with the subject line "My Sam Hellerman...":

...was Anna Wareham. Our band was called the Slime Sluts... Super Bimbo lead vocals, and Robin the Mtv Watcher on keyboards and cassette recorder. First single: Got So Many Bones Now (sung to the tune of I Think We're Alone Now), followed by the Christmas album including the hit "Skate or Die Rock." We even had a comic book! Sad part is, I can't find the recordings anymore. I'm afraid they may have been ruined sometime in the past 20 years. The comic books are still with me though!

Thanks for the laughs. Now I'm trying to find Anna Wareham. Even if we have nothing in common in our old age, she needs to read your book!

Anna? You out there?

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My friends and I were the PunkaRoos. Song titles included "Mr Henderson [Boner]", "Wesley and Ryan [Are Gay]" and "Evil Spawns of Satans". The album itself was supposed to be called "Freak Show" and have photos of all our enemies.

We also had a band called The Boxsprings with the hit single "Gotta Keep 'Em Perforated".

I miss the 8th grade.

Posted by: Megan at September 8, 2006 03:00 AM