December 14, 2006

Library Dorks


Here's a review-poem I found on the internet:

wnt off to hg mall.
rotted at the library.
read this king dork book.
utterly retarded.
but highly entertaining.
cos tht dork is funny.
he IS retarded.
so i kinda lik laughing at him.
of cos not loudly.
else ppl might think im insane.
plus im by myslf.
thr isnt any reason to do so.

unless im in love w tht bk.
which im obviously NOT.
im jst reading for im BORED.
and im reading cos you cant SLP.
libraries shd store beds.
i wld frequent thm oftn.

And here I am being interviewed by a librarian from the North Suburban Library System in Wheeling, Illinois.

The picture is a student-generated poster that was on the wall of the library at Scoop Jackson High School in Mill Creek, Washington, where I did an appearance a few months back.

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"I do like to watch TV, or at least to have the TV on in the background. I am in love with background noise. I like rock and roll music, too. And cheeseburgers."

You have excellent tase.

Posted by: josh at December 14, 2006 06:32 PM