April 12, 2007

Are the monads perspectiveless subjects or subjectless perspectives?

The folks at Butterflies and Wheels and Dawkins.net have fun with a chunk of a 600 page monograph on "quantum feminism," which does not appear to be a hoax.

Posted by Dr. Frank at April 12, 2007 06:05 PM | TrackBack

This guy has plenty to say about it as well.
Very funny. Growing up in Cornell, it was not unusual to hear bizzare nonsense like that being passed off as given fact and it always frustrated me to no end. I always hoped someone smarter than me would call one of these lunatics out and lay it to rest. And there it is.

Posted by: Mike H New York at April 12, 2007 07:52 PM

Isn't there something in Baltimore in July too?

Posted by: Chach at April 12, 2007 10:29 PM

In college I received a D- on my final paper for my freshman writing seminar, Feminist Archeaology. I think I used the "rediculous" a few too many times. Also, it was a few pages short of the required length, but I prefer to think of myself as a rebel.

Posted by: josh at April 16, 2007 02:59 PM