June 26, 2007

From the Dr. Frank mailbag...

In yesterday's email:

Hello Dr. Frank,

Have you an interest in marketing or selling another product, similar but of course different then your pain relief spray. I have a money maker product -- old family "recipe" that can help millions of sufferers in one type of specific pain or ailment.

I am a successful antique dealer from Woodbury, CT. My wife is a VP with one of America's biggest drug companies. Although she is a believer in my product, her company affiiations have nothing to do with my discovery.

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June 19, 2007

Another Day Off Work, Another Present to Buy...

Not really. But April 1 will be Cheap Trick Day in Illinois, if the votes go the right way.

Guitarist Rick Nielsen got a warm welcome when he visited the state Senate today. He told lawmakers that the band's achievements include not being convicted of a felony within the past ten years.
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June 17, 2007


Somehow or other, this napkin drawing managed to find its way into my copy of Crime and Punishment:

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June 14, 2007


Photo 37.jpg

Thanks to everyone for scans and what not.

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June 07, 2007

MTX Bleg

The reason why is kind of a long story, but we need to find hi res images of the Revenge is Sweet and So Are You album cover and the goofy promo photo from that era:


No one seems to have saved any of this stuff, which is quite understandable really.

I'm posting this on the outside chance that someone reading might (a) have a copy of that promo photo stashed away; (b) might have access to a good scanner; and (c) might be willing to scan and send the file to me in the next few days. The same goes for the album/CD cover, though I would guess there'd be more (a)s for that one. We need the both fast, I'm afraid. Email me if you can help.

Thanks in advance.

UPDATE: thanks to everyone who sent scans of the album art. Much appreciated. We should be okay in that department. No one seems to have the photo, which is no big suprise. But anyone who finds one, let me know. Please and thank you.

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June 06, 2007

Andromeda Klein

By the way, this is gonna be the cover of my new book:


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June 05, 2007

Dorkness on the Edge of Town

Sanjaya fans discover King Dork and talk possibilities. Also here.

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June 02, 2007

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtgan...

My Little Cthulhu:


(via Bookshelves of Doom.)

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