September 09, 2007


There are six very friendly people on this web page who want to tell you all about the "washlet," a toilet seat apparatus that incorporates a "bunch of nifty technology," including a "small wand" and a remote control unit with a "rear cleansing" button. Peter Suderman of The American Scene recommends consulting the Asian woman fourth from the left, who discusses the concept of "happiness" and reads some fan mail. I recommend it too. I'm just not totally sure why... Actually, these people are all kind of freaking me out...

Posted by Dr. Frank at September 9, 2007 03:08 AM | TrackBack

I spent so much time looking at that website...why?

Posted by: Amy 80 at September 9, 2007 11:48 AM


Posted by: Richard at September 9, 2007 08:51 PM

The idea of it scares me. Perhaps I'm prude but when I was looking to buy my first flat I rejected one because it had a bidet, this is almost as bad. I can't comprehend having electrical leads coming off my loo.

Posted by: Leah at September 10, 2007 12:27 AM

The best part is that the frequently-asked questions and their video answers have been somehow mixed up, so that clicking on the question "How about when you're pregnant?" prompts the woman to say "Once people asked the same exact questions about washing machines and microwave ovens."

Posted by: Alix at September 10, 2007 11:44 PM

An even better recommendation from an American Scene commenter:

"You can play the close encounters theme by rolling over the creepy people: asian, baby boomer, douchebag, pixie, milf."

By God, he's right.

Posted by: Andy at September 12, 2007 08:07 PM