February 24, 2008

Best wishes...

So, tomorrow at Moe's in Berkeley, 7:30. Songs, reading, standing around talking, etc:

13X19  PORTMAN a.jpg

If you can't make it to the thing, you can still order an autographed copy of the new paperback King Dork here or here. The paperback edition includes an excerpt from the forthcoming Andromeda Klein, so that makes it special. The autographed hardcover is still available, too, if you prefer.

There's a Kindle edition, too, if you can believe it. I can't see any way to autograph that, but maybe I could send you a sticker or something. Just let me know.

Posted by Dr. Frank at February 24, 2008 11:29 PM | TrackBack

about what you said when i requested Cingular Wireless: aren't all of yr songs out of date?

i mean, unless any of them are about yr wife. right?

anyway, that was a fun night!

Posted by: kris at February 28, 2008 08:31 AM
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