April 02, 2008

A Rapist's View of the World

Boy, this lady really hates Firefly.

(via the Corner.)

Posted by Dr. Frank at April 2, 2008 06:05 PM | TrackBack

This could have been a valid critique, but the author makes a lot of factual errors and misrepresents essentially everything in the service of her agenda, to the point where she actually misses a lot of points she could have made.

I'm interested in any opinion based in the facts, but this is definitely not one of those. Don't waste your time on this bile.

Posted by: Maggie at April 2, 2008 09:10 PM

i will never understand the "feminists" who set back the gender as a whole by getting completely bent out of shape about such ridiculous "affronts" to feminism. of course zoe is going to call mal "sir"; he's her captain. there is no room for manners in space; who cares if someone tells another to "shut up"?

this woman totally perpetuates the whiny female stereotype and furthers no feminist causes whatsoever, all while ripping to shreds one of the most original television programmes ever to make it to american airwaves. boo.

Posted by: hellocasey at April 2, 2008 09:58 PM

wow, i wish i had that much time on my hands.

Posted by: k. at April 3, 2008 07:03 PM

I can't believe I've been put in a position where I feel compelled to DEFEND a Joss Whedon production. :(

I mean, I'm not exactly a fan or anything, but that's only because I can't stand the way he writes dialogue (the kind of "witty, fast-paced banter" I think you have to be a theatre kid to appreciate). But sheesh. I wonder what it's like to live so hellishly entrenched in gender warfare... O_O

Posted by: Sasha at April 11, 2008 07:09 PM