May 09, 2008

Night of Fire

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Briliant!! Sheer brilliance!!

Posted by: Leah at May 9, 2008 10:25 AM

This guy is a famous comedian/wrestler in Japan. Here is some of his shtick according to wikipedia:

"As an acting pro wrestler, he uses appropriately strong language, though it's never taken seriously due to his strong lisp. Some phrases that he is commonly heard lisping are:

* When asked "Are you ticked?" (キレてんの?, Kiretenno??) he lisps defiantly "This ain't ticked." (キレてないっすよ, Kiretenai ssuyo?)
* Sometimes then following with "It's gonna take a lot more than that to tick me off." (俺をキレさせたら大したもんだ, Ore o kiresasetara taishita monda?)
* "That's it! You idiot!" (しゃあ! この野郎!, Shaa! Konoyarō!?)
* "You Hashimoto or something?" (お前橋本か?, Omae Hashimoto ka??)
* "Bastard! Hashimoto! Hashimoto!" (てめえ! 橋本っ! 橋本っ!, Temee! Hashimoto! Hashimoto!?)
* Occasionally: "Now this is something to get ticked about." (これはキレるよ, Kore wa kireru yo?)

Hashimoto is a famous Japanese pro wrestler, Shinya Hashimoto."

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