September 06, 2008


Emotional Hippies - Crying Over Dead Trees - Watch more free videos

via Hit and Run. Real?

Posted by Dr. Frank at September 6, 2008 08:57 AM | TrackBack

Well I guess we need to have extremes to show a balance.

Posted by: tom (dB) at September 6, 2008 10:33 AM

I bet Arbor Day at the Earth First Headquarters gets craaazzyy!

Posted by: Nate Pensky at September 6, 2008 06:18 PM

Good thing they're not being too hasty. Otherwise, Treebeard could come along and step on one of them or something.

Posted by: Cpt. at September 7, 2008 09:57 PM

I've tried a few times, but I can only bear it for like 15-20 seconds.


Posted by: Cpt. at September 8, 2008 05:24 PM