October 02, 2008

Google-ympics: the Return

Every day people arrive at this weblog via searches through Google or other search engines. I'm not systematic about it, but I do glance through these referrals every now and then and save those that are funny, weird, disturbing, or what have you. From time to time I'll post a sort of "best of weird searches" item that I have sometimes called the Google-ympics. (In case anyone is interested, the last one can be found here, along with a handful of other "here" links to past editions.)

As always, they have been divided into categories, followed by a final "winner." Such searches often suggest tantalizingly unspecified backstories, in that they invite the reader to imagine "just so stories" to account for why on earth somebody might have been compelled to enter those particular words in the search box. A plausible explanation for today's winner, however, is beyond my grasp.


how high can your turn up your radio without losing your earring

Can You Change From Cute To Geeky?

how to you check an area that has mine so that you mine their again

ketchup where can i purchase in austin texas

how to get ghost powers

True Confessions

i hate people who pronounce worship warship

i am insecure about my pecs

i am not much of a drinker

i am becoming bald

my mustache taste like salt

Just Wondering...

how long were richie & fonzie banned from arnold's

what's that big ass piano called

why do they call colorado the centennial state? why do they call colorado the centennial state? why do they call

what's in bubbles

what do organic people smell like

Sometimes I Think the Internet Knows Me Better than I Know Myself

why do I detest condescending people

to what extent am i a noncomformist

why do my lips move when i read

what's making me fat

am I about to get dumped


the spell cast on the family with the ultraglide

why was the cather in the rye banded

Christian marriage large breasts

pete townshend transvestite

girls acting like monkeys

...and the winner is:

sarah palin bridget jones bertie wooster terrorism scam
Posted by Dr. Frank at October 2, 2008 06:41 PM | TrackBack

This is brill!

Posted by: gidget at October 4, 2008 12:58 AM

If the secret to getting to ghost powers is on this site, I WANT.

Posted by: Laura at October 4, 2008 06:17 AM