January 27, 2009

Bold Marauder

Posted by Dr. Frank at January 27, 2009 02:09 AM | TrackBack


I saw a commercial for this today:


Posted by: Nick Hall at January 28, 2009 04:26 AM

How come the girl folkie is well groomed, but the guy is not? That seems unfair. Not complaining though, since if she were in baggy pants instead of a skirt, rendering her legs invisible, much of the charm of this video would be lost. OK, maybe all.

Posted by: Lexington Green at January 30, 2009 06:25 PM

Isn't she Joan Baez's sister? And who is the NPR looking guy in the background?

Posted by: RR Ryan at February 11, 2009 01:52 AM

I think that's the mighty mighty Pete Seeger in the background.

Posted by: Ross Shifty at February 13, 2009 07:56 PM