May 20, 2009

With 72 fun questions included, you'll never run out of things to ask


72, huh? Interesting...

A.V. Club's Hater has some fun with Hasbro's new, extremely pink, Ouija board for girls.

Cameron the Mad Oujia Board Person has some caveats in the reviews, however:

One how cold you se it because it doesn't glow in the dark! Two it did not conetct with the demonds and sperits for my family!
It seems to lack a certain spookiness, but that carrying case is kinda cool.

(This was forwarded to me by my editor which is the sort of thing that happens when you've written a book about an occult-y girl.) Posted by Dr. Frank at May 20, 2009 05:47 PM | TrackBack


Does it have a card prompting the user to ask why companies like Hasbro are so intent on shoving tired, condescending stereotypes down girls' throats?

No, but there's apparently a card that asks "How many calories am I burning right now?" Head, meet desk!

Posted by: Sarah at May 20, 2009 08:17 PM

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