August 13, 2009


-- Mary Kole, yet another MTX fan who grew up to be a writer and lit agent, attended my editor's YA "voice" workshop at the SCWBI conference in LA last week. Here she selects three of my songs as a "teenage perspective cheat sheet ." (Too bad she couldn't find that photo.)

-- Allison wonders if it will be possible to make King Dork work as a movie. Here's hoping.

-- SCWBI conference bloggers discover the inside book jacket of Andromeda Klein.

-- The LA Times's books blog features this interview with an English professor whose course on the rock and roll novel has King Dork on its reading list. I recently got an email from a disgruntled reader who said she was being forced to read King Dork and found many of the sentences unreleaseable and the whole thing not as relabel as other books she had been forced to read. Maybe she was in that class?

-- It is evidently not all that difficult to come off as a bad-ass at a children's literature conference.

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If they think you're a bad-ass in your leather jacket, next time pull out your guitar and sing "Deep, Deep Down". Then you'll have then cowering in fear!

Posted by: Zaphod at August 14, 2009 04:50 PM