September 10, 2009

The Literary Equivalent of Foreigner's First Album

You can listen to John Carney interviewing me on KMOX St. Louis here, if you like.

Posted by Dr. Frank at September 10, 2009 05:57 AM | TrackBack

Dr. Frank,

Shoot me an email if you're ever in a position to distribute largesse.

Thanks you, and God bless you.

Posted by: Broke Ass in debtor's prison who reads your books and listens to your records at September 11, 2009 01:46 AM

Loved the interview, Frank, especially the DJ's quote about King Dork being the literary equivalent of Foreigner's 1st record. Pretty sure I couldn't have come up with that. Where do you think Foreigner fits on the list of all time greatest bands?

Posted by: Trey at September 11, 2009 05:43 PM